At what age is best to give birth ?

At what age is best to give birth ?

The world around us is constantly changing.If in the XIX century on the women who were unable to have a baby before the age of 20, looked with surprise, in our time, so we have a look at those who have decided to give birth at the age of 18 years.What changed?How old is better to have a child now?

when to have children?

most favorable reproductive age for women is considered to be between 20 and 35 years.With this agrees not only the majority of the inhabitants, but also doctors.At this age most women are ready for the appearance of the baby not only physically, but also psychologically.Mom has something up in my life at that time, and has some financial help.A few people mentally prepared to take on the burden of raising a child at the age of 16-18 years.But the last word of the woman, but she decides for itself what age is best to give birth.

When acquire first-born?

According to the experts the best age is the period between 20 and 30 years.The fact that in the ovaries is determined number of eggs.Their number is always, in contrast to, for example, blood cells and skin, which are constantly updated throughout a person's life.Not every egg is able to mature and be fertilized.Moreover, after 30 years in the female organism can occur often chronic diseases.In many cases, women weaken their immunity smoking and alcohol.

American scientists have slightly different views on when to give birth to their first child.They believe that not earlier than 34 years.Since the financial situation of women aged perfectly complemented by its excellent physical condition.

However, it should know that after 35 years, women are at risk because of increased likelihood that a child may develop a genetic disease.And indeed the pregnancy at this age gives women much more difficult, and in fact then also coming generations.

When to give birth to a second child?

number of children the couple depends on their financial situation, desires, health status, religious education and other social factors.Typically, the gap between the first and second delivery selected by parents.But modern medical reasons best period is considered to be a break of at least 2 but not more than 5 years.Compliance with this interval the most beneficial to the health of both mother and child.

According to physiological norms for a full recovery of the female body after childbirth will take at least 3 years.And it is the best, because every body is different.

But stretch recommended interval is not necessary, since the elasticity of the uterus breaks deteriorates more than 10 years.

summarize, that plan having a baby, of course, necessary.But if such a joy to visit you in a more mature age, then take it as a gift of fate and enjoy your life together with your baby!