How to give birth right?

What can make a woman happier than pregnancy ?!At this stage it revealed the whole femininity, charm and maternal instincts.But the bearing of the first child is not only a happy event, but also very anxious, because a woman is surrounded by many of the fears that may harm the normal development of the child in the womb.The first and main fear is that the woman does not know how to give birth, in order to avoid excessive pain and tears, and later to protect the child as much as possible, as the birth for a long time can harm the child's health.And, unfortunately, this fear does not pass, despite the joyful stories of friends of the successful and rapid process.Therefore, in this article, we describe in detail about how to have the right, avoiding all sorts of unpleasant moments.

Preparation for childbirth

begin with the preparation for such an important moment in a woman's life as birth.There are several important criteria that will remove fears during pregnancy and directly to facilitate the process of birth of the child.Detailed look at all aspects surrounding during pregnancy.As during pregnancy, a woman has never happy, but the longer the duration, the greater the effect of losing a child fears and painful birth process.

  • Think about the good.The fact that the child feels all mothers experience and this has a negative impact on his health.So limit yourself by watching the news and horror films.Since the slightest fear, especially for a longer time, it can lead to birth prematurely.And in this case, almost impossible to avoid serious consequences for both mother and child.In addition, the psychological state of women during childbearing particularly affects the way it classifies the appearance of the child's birth.As often occurs postpartum depression as well as a woman tormented by himself all the time fear and panic, it's exhausting and eventually, the first time she can give up the child.
  • Attend courses for pregnant women.Here you will learn not only to breathe, to think positively and easily relates to the process of childbirth, but also show how should communicate with the child, and feel his condition.This will give you more confidence, and you will understand that everything is under control.In addition, stop to feed themselves with false fears.
  • Read magazines for pregnant women.Here you'll pick certainly positive.Since the stories described young mothers about their fears and how all the great past, you cheer, and you will want to quickly see the baby.
  • Communicate with the gynecologist.This is a very important point, do not be afraid to ask any questions about the course of your pregnancy and the birth process.Because the more you know, the less there is fear, because everything is under control.In addition, he will tell you that all the actions that will need to perform during labor, will tell you, so you do not need to memorize any sequence.
  • Proper nutrition.Of course, proper nutrition includes not only the abandonment of the negative habits, it touches alcohol and cigarettes, but also many fruits, vegetables and all that it contains vitamins.In this regard, everything is much easier, the child tells himself that he needed in a particular period.So do not deny yourself, if once during pregnancy, you wanted to, for example, is not so much useful chips.But the abuse that is not necessary.
  • Walking.No matter what the weather outside, you need at least an hour to go on a walk and get some fresh air.After all, remember that your child is extremely necessary and useful such air.
  • Take care of yourself.If it's cold outside, you need to dress warmly.The fact is that any cold or disease a significant impact on the child's condition.Do not overload yourself and do not lift heavy, otherwise it will cause birth prematurely.Just strictly forbidden to bathe in hot water, it is best to take a warm shower.And of course, avoid places where large numbers of people, it concerns the concerts and fairs, as any blow to the belly, can give impetus to the process of giving birth prematurely.

Proper breathing

Talking about how to give birth, it is worth noting that a lot depends on how we breathe during labor and attempts.Since breathing allows the right to push, to calm down and not to break out of the rhythm, not to panic.Therefore, we consider this point in more detail.

Breathing during labor

When the battle begins, the cervix gradually expanding.And it says that soon the baby will be born, breathing must be so:

  • air inhaled through the nose and exhale through the mouth
  • inhalation should be short and exhaling long and slow
  • After battles you need to maximize relax and breathenaturally

This way of breathing will not only quickly move to leave, but the rest, so as not to panic, which can cause severe pain, and as a result of uterine rupture.

Breathing during attempts

Talking about how it is necessary to give birth, it is very important to listen to the doctor who takes birth and midwife, who helps him.Since the panic will not lead to anything good.They will advise you the necessary steps and all goes well.

  • When you speak, breathe, the breath should be as short and shallow as in hot weather.
  • When told to straining, do a very deep breath and hold the breath, then exhale smoothly.When heave, presses his chin to his chest, so it will be easier.
  • When the head obstetrician say that is no longer needed makes an effort, but simply superficial and often breathe.However, the situation may be different, so listen to what the doctors say.

Now you know how to properly give birth without tears if fulfill all the above mentioned tips, the child quickly come to light and everything goes smoothly.Remember that the important role played by your body during labor and physical condition, but it controls the gynecologist, taking certain decisions, so do not be lazy to go to him as stipulated time.And your labors will be painless, and you meet a child with joy.We wish you and your child good health!