How to start a pregnancy ?

How to start a pregnancy ?

egg after it has been fertilized, the uterus reaches approximately four days.If a woman is physically healthy, and start the process of pregnancy is proceeding normally, at the end of the first week may have felt the first symptoms of pregnancy.Sometimes, particularly sensitive to their physiology, women may feel signs of pregnancy on the second day after fertilization, though, in general, signs of the beginning of pregnancy is not so much.Some women do not feel the pregnancy even before the three-month period.

pregnancy symptoms start

  • The first sign that a woman is "in a position" - is, of course, and nausea.It is also called nausea early, toxicity (early toxicosis).Often pregnancy begins precisely with this symptom.Early morning sickness usually occurs in the morning, but sometimes nausea can occur at any time of the day (especially during or after a meal).There are these symptoms of pregnancy after the first month, and disappear, usually on the third or fourth month.
  • production of progesterone ( "pregnancy hormone") will result in the termination of menstruation - is also one of the main symptoms of pregnancy.
  • There is also a late toxicosis, but it is usually a sign of a disease.One of them may be kidney disease.This toxicosis quite dangerous for health.
  • early as morning sickness, especially if it is accompanied by pain, describes problems with the gastrointestinal tract.These may be diseases of the pancreas, liver, or gastritis.
  • In the first trimester of fetal development is located in the pelvis, because of this, the internal organs of the mother is not yet feel its pressure.But at 16-18 weeks of development, the fetus begins to slowly climb up, more and more by putting pressure on the internal organs of a woman.
  • Some authorities immediately begin to "feel" the impact.For example, the bladder, which is placed under the uterus.Because of this, women are beginning to feel the urge to urinate much more frequently than before pregnancy.The situation may be exacerbated during coughing, sneezing, or laughing.

pain during pregnancy

  • pain in early pregnancy occur even at normal flow of it.For example, dragging pain in the abdomen in the first trimester occur under the influence of the physiological changes that occur in the body of the future mother.As the volume of the abdomen due to the action of hormones, softened binder, and changing the location of the internal organs in the abdominal cavity.
  • also abdominal discomfort in the first few months of pregnancy may have women with pre-pregnancy menstrual period were also painful.
  • may still appear a feeling of heaviness in the left side.This is because the growing uterus is gradually shifting towards the intestines (usually the left).With increasing gestational age shift will continue.Because of this, the food through the intestines will move unevenly.Hormones also will act relaxing the intestinal muscles, because of what can disrupt peristalsis.As a result, different parts of the intestine are formed stagnation food.
  • There may be pain in the right side.This is due to changes in activity of the gall bladder.Due to the action of hormones will increase bile formation.Under the weight of the growing uterus, gall bladder changes its position, because of which can also complicate the flow of bile.This action is enhanced by the end of pregnancy - to the last trimester.
  • Home gestational age also marked the emergence of the feeling of cramps.This is due to the fact that the fetus of 7-9 weeks in the uterus starts motion, but because of the small size and weight, up to 16-20 weeks, the movement will be felt as the mother convulsions.Usually seizures occur immediately after a meal.Seizures worse, if the expectant mother eats anything with a high content of glucose.During the last trimester of implicit light cramps usually causes fetal hiccups.

External changes during pregnancy

  • Medical records the internal state of the expectant mother - pulse, blood pressure, blood composition, in the early stages of pregnancy are the same as before pregnancy.Exterior view of the woman, that is a change of hair, skin, complexion, will take place under the influence of hormones only from the beginning of the second trimester.
  • abdomen during early pregnancy is almost not visible.If subsequently the stomach is too big or too small, it does not mean anything.The size of the belly of a pregnant depends on the individual body structure, the position of the fetus inside the uterus, the total weight of the addition, the volume of amniotic fluid, and many other factors.Usually, low and slim women belly is slightly larger in size than the large and high.But of the fruit of the size, contrary to popular opinion, the shape and size of the stomach do not depend.
  • Nothing will react to pregnancy as the breast.Home pregnancy is accompanied by pouring chest glands increase in size, sensitivity increase.Sometimes there may be pain.All these changes are normal and are part of the complex process of preparation for the future motherhood and breastfeeding.Usually during the second half of pregnancy may even appear colostrum from the breast.
  • also changes the appearance of the breast.A more explicit and visible are capillaries, the network of blue lines clearly visible.Also becoming more prominent blood vessels providing blood of breast cancer.Halo, the circle around the nipple becomes darker and increase in size, as it can sometimes appear spots.After birth, dark circles will pale, but did not disappear completely.
  • Also during pregnancy on the halo usually become noticeable and sweat glands, which disappear after childbirth.
  • Virtually all of the changes that occur in the mammary glands, are associated with the development of the hormone progesterone, which is also called the "pregnancy hormone."A similar process takes place in the formulation of progesterone during menstruation - and poured and increases in breast size, there is a general feeling of heaviness.But these symptoms of pregnancy are amplified tenfold.

Now you know all about how the pregnancy begins.This will allow you to determine the earliest timing of the interesting position, so you can immediately begin to take care of yourself.This positive effect on your unborn baby's health!We wish you and your child good health!