How to have a baby ?

How to have a baby ?

to the birth of the child, it is desirable to prepare in advance, because you will need to give a tiny little man everything necessary for his comfort, health, material well-being, full development as a person.And it's not easy.

prepares the body for pregnancy

planning a pregnancy, you should primarily be concerned about the health of the expectant mother.

  • Visit a gynecologist.The doctor will check the health of women, to advise the best poses for conception, to tell about the most promising for the days of the menstrual cycle pregnancy, prescribe the necessary vitamins, provide valuable advice.
  • sure to strengthen the spine, nervous and cardiovascular systems (in particular, exclude the possibility of the development of varicose veins).This will help you easily transfer pregnancy.
  • treated teeth and strengthen your hair.The kid will take away from your body the vitamins and is often the cause of hair loss and tooth decay.

The article How to conceive a child, you will find tips on how to get pregnant.

Preparing psychologically

The process is very important to a woman carrying a child mentally set yourself up for a successful birth and the new role of mother.Assist in the various specialized publications.A woman should be acquainted with the basics of parenting toddler learn important information about the features of its physiological and psychological development at a given age.

worth reading similar books and the future pope - this will help him get used to the idea of ​​fatherhood.Generally, before having a child, it is necessary, along with the future father thoroughly discuss the matter.It is worth to enroll in a special school for family planning.

Preparing financial

The important is a competent financial account in preparation for pregnancy and childbirth.Here are a few items that will need to be sure to take into account:

  • costs to prepare for pregnancy: visits by specialists and treatment of chronic diseases, vitamins and proper nutrition, visiting a family center, family psychologists, etc.
  • Pregnancy. Physician visits and deliveryanalyzes (if you go to a private clinic), proper maternal nutrition, vitamins, clothes for pregnant women, childbirth, payment of the postpartum wards and so on. If you live in the country for a residence permit, for example, you need to be sure to find out what services duepregnancy you will be provided free of charge, and which will be paid.Be sure to specify and the approximate price.
  • Kid: baby food, clothing, bed and bedding, personal hygiene, bath, baby bottles and nipples, diapers for doctor visits (if you want to be served in private clinics), etc.

How many children start.?In this issue we should focus not only on the personal wishes and assessment of current expenditure, but also on their potential financial opportunities in the future.After all, you will need to give a good education to the child and maybe even help in finding employment.Some parents immediately after birth start to save money for his university studies.