Can I get pregnant after an abortion ?

Can I get pregnant after an abortion ?

Many women say that getting pregnant is not so easy after an abortion.And gynecologists warn people that get pregnant again then it will be quite difficult to abortion.Furthermore, after abortion increases the probability of occurrence of infectious and neoplastic diseases.

chances of getting pregnant after abortion

To restore reproductive function and pregnant after an abortion, someone takes a lot of time and effort.That is the answer, is it possible to get pregnant after an abortion, we can say this: anyone can put infertility, while others may get pregnant again and after only 11 days.Everything is very individual.But it is proved that infertility after abortion are only used in 10% of cases.And most often it is impossible to conceive occurs after the first abortion.Nowadays, there are different methods of abortion, including a little forgiving, but still they are not able to ensure easy recovery of genital function and rapid onset of pregnancy in the future.The body of different women working individually.The causes of infertility after abortion can not be properly carried out an abortion or gynecological endocrine diseases after him.

probability of getting pregnant after an abortion, of course, depends on its methods.

  • example, surgery and too dangerous for further opportunities to get pregnant today.In this case, interruption of pregnancy can be compared with the inner layer of the uterus trauma.Because of this, the fertilized egg is incredibly difficult to attach to the uterine wall.If the attachment has occurred, there may be other negative effects of nutrition of the fetus.The uterus has a special layer of blood vessels that go to the placenta.If the integrity of this layer is compromised, the fetus will not be enough food.Another consequence of the surgical abortion can be a miscarriage.The cervix, which should ensure the retention of the fetus may be damaged after a surgical abortion.
  • Medical abortion do in the very early stages of pregnancy, when you can do without surgery.Most studies have shown that getting pregnant after medical abortion can be.But this is not an absolute guarantee.

turn to another part of the phenomenon during pregnancy - Rhesus conflict.A woman with Rh-negative is not generally recommended to have abortions.In the case when she made the first abortion, and the second time the fruit became pregnant with positive blood group antibodies remain in her blood, which can destroy the blood cells of the fetus.The chances of getting pregnant after an abortion at a woman is much narrower.This is a common cause of infertility in couples where the woman's Rh factor is negative and Rh factor men - positive.

How to get pregnant after an abortion

pass from theory to practice.If a woman once had an abortion, and is currently trying to have a baby, it is important to observe themselves and to seek medical help.You can hear a lot of comments that after an abortion you can get pregnant right away, and it really can happen within 11 days.If we consider that after the abortion infertility put in 10% of cases, the chances of getting pregnant after an abortion is 90%.The day after the abortion is necessary to go to the gynecologist to check the condition of the uterus.He will advise you to preventive means to avoid the inflammatory process in the future.If it has been more than six months after trying to conceive, and there are no results, then you should go to the gynecologist to consult and, certainly told about previous abortion.Surely, you will be offered to undergo certain diagnostic tests to check for diseases.

not to think then, is it possible to get pregnant immediately after an abortion or a month it is better to be protected, such as oral contraceptives.Nowadays there is a huge choice of contraceptive pills, which are gentle on the reproductive system and are not as dangerous as abortion.