As the tube moves ?

As the tube moves ?

Passage of cork from the genital tract - one of those processes that preceded the completion of the pregnancy and the beginning of long-awaited birth.Many expectant moms prepare for such an event.We'll show you how the cork leaves.

cork Purpose

Nature has done everything necessary to best protect the developing fetus from various external influences.Therefore, after the conception of the child in the cervix begins to gradually build up thick mucus.From this tube is formed.It prevents through the cervical canal infections and pathogens.Cork is a piece of slime.By the end of her pregnancy, the number of the cervix is ‚Äč‚Äčless than 2 tablespoons.Plug itself is white-yellowish color, sometimes it comes out with a few bloody and pink veins.

Passage of cork: options

Leaves plug in pregnant women in different ways.All depends on the individual woman.So, it can leave immediately and will be like a big lump of slimy.Usually it is possible to see when a pregnant woman takes a shower or in their underwear.In some cases, it may come out during the morning bowel movement, and in this case it has to be noted is quite difficult.

Some women long tube extends, that is, it comes out of the genital organs in parts.This process may take several weeks.In this case, most women take partial output plug for the usual selection (they remind stretching mucus), which always occur during childbearing, and do not give them much importance.

Sometimes plug departs with amniotic fluid, that is, right before delivery.Women usually do not notice it because of the strong stress and the emergence of labor.

important to note that when the plug is moving away, the woman is not experiencing during this severe pain.Only in some cases there may be a slight nagging abdomen or tingling.Such symptoms should not be afraid.

When to go to the doctor?

When pregnancy is very important to know when you need to go to the doctor, if she noticed at some suspicious signs.So, visit a specialist as soon as possible is that if the mucus plug had a greenish color.After all, this suggests that the fetus lacks oxygen, may require premature birth by artificial means.

also need to see a doctor when the tube came out too early, that is more than 15 days before the expected date of delivery.In addition, it is recommended to be examined and if an excessive amount of blood contained in the mucus.

If the cork came out in a timely manner and had normal appearance, you can not go to the doctor.After all, it only testifies to the fact that your baby will soon be born and you should this be prepared to postpone the trip and long shopping trips, to collect a set for yourself and the baby that will be required in the hospital, as well as a positive attitude to the easy passage of birthwithout complications.

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