As the water breaks ?

As the water breaks ?

Amniotic fluid are protected from external influences and provide the mobility and exchange of fetal substances.However, nulliparous women, as a rule, is not enough, as the water waste, and is afraid to miss this moment, because the passage of amniotic fluid is the main signal the onset of labor.Keep in mind that every woman, this process occurs in different ways.But in the meantime, have identified a number of significant characteristic features, focusing on a woman who did not make a mistake.

As the water breaks before labor

First of all, women should monitor their secretions, as opposed to urine and other secretions, amniotic fluid should be liquid and have a sweet smell.Ideally, the water should be transparent color, but sometimes they can be the presence of white flakes.In this case not be scared as it pervorodovaya lubricant that covers the body of the child.Additionally, water may be cloudy and green, which may indicate the child oxygen deficiency.In this case, it requires immediate hospitalization.It should be noted that the amount of amniotic fluid is often no more than 1 to 1.5 liters, and the discharge of their before delivery takes place completely painless.In most cases, rupture of membranes happens at night, when the expectant mother is sleeping, muscle tension, or a sharp change in body position.

If the bubble bursts completely, the amniotic fluid to splash out sharply from the body, and the woman certainly them with nothing to confuse.But most water depart immediately, but within a few days of leaking, which is why they are often confused with urinary incontinence.If a woman's bladder there is no problem, but you can not hold the jet, it is amniotic fluid.As a rule, the question of how the water moving away from pregnant women, the exact answer can not give even a gynecologist.There are cases where water can not move at all, and in this case the doctor punctures the bubble in the delivery process.Some women, when they retreated before the birth of water, cotton or heard crackling, that is the sound of the bursting bubble.

should also consider that when passing the front of waters that are between the cervix and the head of the fetus, the amount of amniotic fluid is low, approximately half a liter.While the rear of water occur during childbirth, allowing it to slide easily through the birth canal.

And if the baby is in breech position in the womb or located horizontally at the same time that there is discharge of a fairly large number of back amniotic fluid.And in this case there is a danger in the loss of the handle (feet) or the umbilical cord of the fetus, so at this point you need to call an ambulance immediately.

Now you know how to understand what water waste, and will be able to promptly seek medical attention.