How to behave during childbirth ?

most important moment in any woman's life is considered to be the birth of a child.Woman was created for procreation.Although, nowadays, choosing between family and work, many prefer career.Let's look at this article on how to behave during childbirth, during and after them.Expectant mother have a lot of new challenges and experiences.She is tormented by uncertainty, but at the same time, wants to see her baby soon.


give clear recommendations on how to behave before delivery is simply not enough.Every girl a special regime.But the general advice still there.

  • Some pregnant women experience a burst of energy.They have in their hands burning any work.But this is not good.So you can squander all the forces, and during delivery they will be very useful.It is better to relax or stroll.
  • should not forget about the proper, healthy diet.Eat foods low in fat and rich in carbohydrates.There should be at least 6 times a day.Eat vitamins, lots of fruits, fresh juices, dairy products, meat rabbit.
  • a very important role plays a positive attitude.To birth went smoothly, and the woman must believe in it without complications.
  • Do not be afraid of giving birth.Read the literature on relevant topics.
  • You should be prepared to leave both mentally and physically.
  • If you are afraid to be alone in such a crucial period, it is possible to take a husband.Recently partnered rody- a very common phenomenon.
  • Remember that labor may begin suddenly.Prepare all the things in the hospital, for themselves and for the kid in advance.
  • If your doctor has prescribed no bed rest, for special reasons, it is easy to load are welcome.They will help to maintain the body in good shape, strengthen the muscular system, relieve stress.

Rules in childbirth

Consider a situation where women are childbirth, how to behave to her in this situation.

  • birth Exodus depends largely on the internal mood mothers, as well as on whether it is listening to the recommendation of a doctor and a midwife.
  • Deliveries begin with contractions.During labor the cervix is ‚Äč‚Äčopened.Woman in labor should write down or remember the duration of the bout.At what time it started and what went on.Fixing the time of labor, you will be distracted from the pain.
  • If you water broke, the record time.Since the discharge of amniotic fluid before birth should pass no more than twelve hours.
  • If you notice bleeding, then immediately contact to the hospital.
  • not be before birth, eat, drink, since vomiting can begin.
  • During contractions, do not hold your breath.It is better to use the breathing technique, through which the blood enriched with oxygen.
  • Try not to tense and relax.
  • At the first stage of labor, should be frequently emptied his bladder, uterine contractions that do not hurt.
  • If you have a desire to make an effort, do not do it without the permission of the doctor.
  • Listen midwife tips will tell you when to push, try to take a deep breath and push the child.Forced to work the abdominal muscles.
  • Rest between contractions, breathe calmly, and keep power.
  • Do not shout.
  • After the child was born, we only have to have a child seat.Just tuzhtes last time.


Soviets, about how to behave after delivery, quite a lot.

  1. Try to lie down during the day or on the back or stomach.It is desirable that the uterus as soon as possible reduced.
  2. earlier there mother and child contact, the better.It is not necessary to feed the crumbs on the clock.He knows better when hungry.
  3. Take a warm drink and a light meal at least three times a day.Do not drink too much zhidkosti- extra load on your kidneys.
  4. go to the toilet at the first manifestations of desire.Do not suffer.
  5. If the mother suffers constipation, you should consult a doctor or have an empty stomach apricots.
  6. Always observe good personal hygiene.Especially if you have stitches.To quickly healed all need to wash with a solution of chamomile or calendula.They will remove the inflammation.
  7. Ask the midwife to teach you the right to put the baby to the breast.To avoid the painful cracks, you need to grease nipples after each feeding her milk.
  8. Find time to relax, it affects not only the situation in the family, but also a comfortable state of the baby.