How do cesarean section ?

How do cesarean section ?

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How do cesarean section?

Every woman wants to give birth naturally, but each, think about how suddenly need a cesarean section.And here there is a lot of questions and the fear of such an operation, which can pursue the entire period of pregnancy and affect the health of the child.So, in this article we will talk about how to do a caesarean section, and in which cases it should be done.

Types cesarean

Nowadays, many are watching, as do a cesarean section on TV and probably in those who already had such a process view, the question arises, why do doctors make different sections of different women and what determineschoice cut.Indeed, there are some factors that determine the cut starting from species caesarean section.

Emergency cesarean section

With the name, you can easily guess that is similar to a cesarean section in an emergency arose already during childbirth.


  • hypoxia, ie the child is not enough oxygen
  • Termination of labor or its slowing
  • Torn womb
  • prematurely exfoliated placenta
  • done a vertical incision from the pubis to the navel, in order to get the child's fasterwhich in mortal danger.

Planned caesarean section

where such an operation is assigned before the birth, for the following reasons:

  • Multiple pregnancy
  • If a child sizes larger than female pelvis size
  • If there was genital herpes
  • If the placenta due to its location close pathoutput
  • Complications during pregnancy, due to diseases
  • kidney disease, heart and blood vessels
  • Transverse fetus.
  • Make a horizontal incision

So why do a caesarean section, you already know, so go directly to the process of the operation.

Features operation

Stages of:

  • Shave pubis.
  • The bladder catheter is inserted, so that it is emptied and put pressure on the uterus during childbirth.Do
  • usually spinal anesthesia or with other species that only anesthetize the lower part of the body.This helps to avoid the pain of anesthesia during surgery and gives the opportunity to see the woman the appearance of your child's birth.Sometimes, in extreme cases, we have to do general anesthesia.
  • Then the doctor makes an incision and then pushes the muscles and removes the bladder aside.
  • Then the doctor makes an incision in the uterus, and then reveals the fetal bladder.
  • doctor pulls the baby and cut the umbilical cord.
  • uterine incision sutured and the abdominal wall is reduced.

Continuing the theme of how the caesarean section, we note that this operation takes less than 40 minutes.In addition, sutures are removed within a week after birth.At the same time, all week the woman is carefully monitored and doctors give painkillers, as well as a variety of necessary drugs.In addition, this operation is considered the most secure to date, so there is nothing to fear.

main advantages:

  • Safety for women with narrow hips.
  • Avoiding the omission of the pelvic organs and the occurrence of hemorrhoids.
  • vagina is not stretched.
  • Avoiding the baby's head deformity.
  • are no problems with sexual life.


  • infection can get into the abdominal cavity.
  • Difficulty in early lactation.
  • Possibility of stress in women and the development of psychosis.
  • If a child is female, there is important the transfer of vaginal microflora, which will reduce the risk of vulvovaginal.
  • The possibility of subsequent delivery, only after a certain pause.

Now you know how to do a caesarean section, the video on this topic will not be superfluous.In addition, videos and pictures can prepare you for this process and will help get rid of the fear of the operation.Do not forget to say to your doctor, who will take you birth.It is quite scary and much easier to bear as opposed to vaginal birth.Now the seams do very small and imperceptible.In addition to the baby easier to be born by Caesarean section.Good luck!