How to calculate the gestational age ?

How to calculate the gestational age ?

Every woman wants to accurately and correctly calculate gestational age.Firstly, it is interesting.Secondly, it is logical, because the more accurately you will be able to determine the time of pregnancy, the better we can predict the date of birth.Yes, and to calculate the time to women on maternity leave, also need to know how to calculate gestational age.

Calculate gestational age: how

consider several ways to determine gestational age.

By date of last menstrual period

There is a certain formula Negele, in which the duration of pregnancy is calculated by simple townsfolk.By the way, more so calculated birth date, and accordingly recognized and gestational age.You need to remember the first day of the last menstrual period.Then subtract from it, and add 3 months to seven days.So you get a delivery date, and in accordance with the received date will be able to calculate the gestational age.

By date of ovulation and conception

the day of ovulation, a mature egg is a woman goes into the fallopian tube.The egg is viable up to two days.It is in these days the probability of getting pregnant during unprotected sex is the highest.To most accurately and correctly calculate the gestational age, you need to count it is the day of ovulation.To determine when you ovulate was not so difficult, it takes place somewhere in the middle of the woman's menstrual cycle.For example, your cycle is 30 days, then ovulation occurs on day 15 of the cycle.

also in pharmacies sell special tests to determine the date of ovulation.Test accuracy is very high (99%).But do such tests before conception of the child to determine the most favorable time for conception.

Another method of determining the ovulation date, and therefore the duration of pregnancy - a measurement of the temperature in the rectum.Before ovulation (early cycle) temperature indicators are the same - less than 37 °.The day before ovulation, a bit lower.The very day of ovulation and the following days the temperature will be equal to 37 ° - 37,2 °.

Determination of gestational age gynecologist

How to calculate gestational age?Go to the gynecologist.The doctor will determine the duration of pregnancy by uterine size.It is said that in the fourth week of pregnancy uterine size corresponds to the size of chicken eggs, and on the eighth week - the size of a goose egg.Experienced gynecologist can easily determine the size of the uterus have recently become pregnant women and to correlate it with the term of pregnancy.

term pregnancy and the first stirring

To find out whether you have correctly identified the period of her pregnancy, you can check it out at the first stirring.It is known that in nulliparous women the first stirring of a child can begin to pregnancy at twenty weeks.And if you is not first pregnancy, it is likely that you will feel the stirring of 18 weeks.

Enjoy new sensations and think about your baby!Good luck!