How best to give birth ?

Oh, these fashion trends!It turns out that fashion is on delivery.A couple of decades ago was rampant fashion to give birth in the water.Then it became fashionable to take birth dad, fortunately, the Pope quickly played enough and abandoned it.But no matter how many years have passed, future moms still interested in how best to give birth, where to do it, how to prepare and how everything must pass.Let us try to find the answers, if not all, then a lot of questions.

Caesarean section

for caesarean section have a few absolute indications for which pregnant can only operate, otherwise it is 100% dead.This narrow pelvis (much longer than the size of the child) and has the operated one uterus, that is, when it was a cesarean.Absolute indications for cesarean and have a child.This placenta previa, when it is not attached to the uterus at the rear and near the cervix, which is why the child can not get out naturally.The second reading of the baby - premature detachment of the placenta, and it should come out after the child.

There are relative contraindications to natural childbirth.This mother of the disease, which can greatly worsen and worsen the health of mother and baby, a weak labor activity with the effect of fading, as well as age - more than 35 years.Of course, a huge number of mothers over that age and give birth to their own just fine, but more Russian doctors are reinsured and do not give women the chance immediately sent to Caesar's.

Natural childbirth

If you decide to give birth itself or do a cesarean if your relative indications for surgery, it is best to choose natural childbirth.Nature's not just invented them, in the body of a woman and child at the moment of birth there is much that ensures their health, a strong connection, high immunity.In addition, a woman at that moment becomes prettier and beautiful, younger eyes!Hormonal pregnant woman begins to work hard to ensure her longevity, because it is the child's need to grow up!The child in the birth canal too much to acquire, is its preparation for the birth, as invented by nature, so this is how it should be!Ask your doctor to still allow you to give birth naturally, if you have relative contraindications.And if something goes wrong, you do the operation.

home or in the hospital

Yes, I will agree, the treatment of women giving birth in some maternity leaves much to be desired.It is sad.But that is no reason to decide to give birth at home.Choosing how to deliver better, it is necessary in any case to give preference to the medical institution.Woman in labor, especially in the first generations, can not imagine what might occur in the pathology of this complicated process!Hospital staff helping competently, 97 percent - for sure.And if a child is born weak, then it will help.Better instead to sit and wonder where to give birth, podyschu the hospital that you like.It is now possible to use the services of any medical institution of his district by getting your hands on birth certificate.Just give it to the hospital, that you trust.And now there is the hospital, where they take birth on the latest technologies, for example, in a vertical position.Woman gives birth to this system, on his knees, saying that babies are born healthy.Believe it or not, your work.The main thing - to give birth, to your happiness, a long life full of strong family!