How is pregnancy?

How is pregnancy?

Pregnancy - is a period of the greatest stress for women.All organ systems have to undergo a series of functional changes required.For this purpose, the available reserves of the body.That is how the pregnancy, in most cases, considered the norm, ie,pregnancy without complications for the health of the fetus and the expectant mother.Individual features can be shown, but the main stages of a pregnancy can be divided by a common characteristic features.


  • main symptom - a nausea or vomiting, is usually seen in the morning or during the day.This symptom occurs after the 5th week of pregnancy and terminated on the 4th month.Sometimes it can take up to 6th month, but such cases are rare.
  • next pregnancy symptom - changes in the mammary glands.During pregnancy the breast is not simply increases in size, but dark nipple becomes visible subcutaneous vessels.Pacifiers also increase in size, and when you click on them, you may receive colostrum - white-yellow liquid.Basically colostrum observed in previously parous women.For those who do it is the second or more pregnancy, fluid excretion may be observed.
  • In the first three to four months of pregnancy is usually observed increased urination.This is due to the fact that the lower part of the abdomen begins to over-fill with blood due to the fact that the uterus and internal reproductive organs in this period should receive more power.Crowded blood genitals begin to compress the bladder.These phenomena gradually disappear and reappear at the end of pregnancy.In normal pregnancy urine should not contain in its composition of proteins and bile pigments.
  • Another sign - the weakness and drowsiness.Drowsiness is enhanced while in the cramped and stuffy rooms or in public transport.The weakness seen sometimes after minor loads.
  • who is in the womb the fetus is surrounded by special membranes that make up the bag of waters.Inside this bubble are the amniotic fluid, preventing contact between the skin of the fetus and merging with the inner shell.This structure creates the right conditions for the development of the fetus, protects against mechanical damage and gives the possibility to the fetus movement.
  • How much of the pregnancy, due to the individual characteristics of female physiology.But pregnancy is normal, on average, 40 weeks.
  • at 30-32 weeks' gestation, the fetus moving, easy enough to change its position in the uterus.By the end of pregnancy, the fetus is usually already in a longitudinal position, i.e.its longitudinal axis coincides with the longitudinal axis of the mother and the uterine body.Such longitudinal position of the fetus in the last trimester of pregnancy is considered normal and is observed in 99.5% of all births.

survey during pregnancy

Pregnancy - a complex process that should be monitored by experts.Therefore it is always worth to go through doctors during pregnancy.Here is a master list of physicians.

  • therapist.If the mother had previously been a number of diseases, they can worsen during pregnancy.the treatment process will be complicated, becauseMost drugs have contraindications.The therapist will be able to prescribe the correct treatment during pregnancy.
  • gynecologist.The gynecologist, after spending the first inspection, find out the condition of the reproductive system.We must pass the mandatory tests, buy prescription vitamins and diet.If necessary, the gynecologist will give direction to pass an additional examination by a specialist.This is usually an endocrinologist and geneticist.
  • audiologist.The specialist identifies ENT - diseases that occur hidden and without obvious symptoms.You may need to pass some tests.
  • Optometrist inspects the fundus and measure intracranial pressure.Then sign an opinion and make recommendations on diet and taking vitamins.
  • also need to undergo a series of tests that show the overall hormonal balance of the body.It can be a complete blood count, urinalysis, and blood chemistry.
  • There are a number of analyzes, which can be taken in preparation for pregnancy, ie,before conception.Examination before pregnancy includes tests for bacteriological seeding, the presence of conditionally pathogenic flora, and check the status of the normal vaginal microflora.Also held hormone test that examined reproductive hormones.The analysis of the determination of the thyroid gland.
  • immunological examination is carried out, which is done at full immunogram, which shows the levels of antibodies in the blood and indicators of antimicrobial immunity.

Now you know all about how the pregnancy.It is the most extraordinary period in a woman's life.Good health to you and your children.