How to prepare for childbirth ?

How to prepare for childbirth ?

Every woman wants to give birth easily and painlessly as possible.However, one desire is not enough, we need more and correct preparation.We'll tell you how to prepare for childbirth that this process was not so heavy and complex.


Many people wonder how to mentally prepare for the birth, however, we note that the preparation of his body - this is the most important part of the preparation for childbirth, as the body and the maximum load will be directed.It is therefore very important that it was strong - then the birth will be much easier, and the moral aspect of falling by the wayside as excellent physical shape gives the highest confidence.And it is on the body, and training bodies directly involved in childbirth, and we will direct our attention.Here we present some of the most important and useful exercise.

  1. first exercise is associated with improved breathing.On the respiratory system falls not less load at delivery than on the muscles of the waist and pelvis, so this exercise will provide you with invaluable assistance.Of course exercise is very simple: take a comfortable position and take 3 deep breaths nose and then exhale through your mouth.Lips while holding a tube.Repeat this exercise several times.The number of repetitions may be different, but in the beginning do not have much time, just like any other exercise - the body must gradually get used to the load.
  2. now perform more complex breathing exercise.Sit cross-legged and quickly take 5 breaths - this time through the mouth, which also hold the tube.After that, take one deep breath nose and exhale through the mouth, without changing the position of the lips.These two exercises significantly strengthen your respiratory system.We now turn to muscle training, which will be involved in childbirth.
  3. This exercise is designed for the muscles of the uterus and the press.Put feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bend, hands on his belt.Now, leaving the body on the spot to make a move hips.It is necessary to shake the hips laterally to 10 times back and forth, first, and then circularly clockwise and counterclockwise.
  4. now sit in a frog position (elbows and knees touch the floor, but you need to bring together to perform this exercise foot).Take your hands off the floor and undertake hands on shins and elbows need to press springy movements in the area of ​​the knees.This exercise stimulates perfectly stretching the pubic and groin muscles.
  5. To perform this exercise, stand on all fours and widely legs apart so that the stomach is between the legs.Now dilute elbows knees, with his hands clasped in castle.Next you need to gradually from the bottom up to strain muscles of the vagina and anus.Happened?Now hold voltage and gradually relax your muscles, but from top to bottom.This exercise stimulates perfectly the core muscles involved in childbirth.
  6. Another valuable exercise - this time for the waist, as it accounts also fall harder.Stand in the pose of a cat (by-fours) and bends and flexes back alternately movements.It is possible to start doing this exercise for 5 times and gradually increase to 10.
  7. easiest exercise.Lie on your side and totally relax all your muscles.After lying on one side, flip to the other and also relax.We have given the minimum required set of exercises for the muscles involved in childbirth, it was sufficient for the tone of this process.

How to prepare for childbirth: the cervix and perineum

Here, experts advise the following.Firstly, you need about 34 weeks of pregnancy to start drinking evening primrose oil.Buy oil capsules and take first in 1 capsule per day, with 36 weeks - 2 capsules, and 39 weeks and beyond - 3 capsules a day.Also, after 36 weeks, it is desirable to maintain a regular sex without a condom.Until that time, a condom when having sex should be used as sperm softens the cervix, preparing it for delivery.

To prepare the perineum for childbirth is best to begin 3 months before the process.It is recommended to do two very useful exercise in the evening after a shower:

  1. Push down on the back wall of the vagina thumb.Once you feel a slight burning sensation, start to massage your finger from side to side.When doing this exercise regularly burning sensation and discomfort should pass.
  2. Regularly lubricate the perineum any natural oil (but not on the basis of wax or silicone, since it is not absorbed through the skin).It is advisable to use some baby oil.It must be rubbed in order to feed the crotch and that it was not dry.

How to prepare for childbirth breast

This process requires caution, because the nipple stimulation often leads to uterine contractions.Recommendations following here.

  1. chest after a shower is best to wipe a rough towel.Emphasize at this time on the nipple.
  2. During pregnancy wear only cotton bras, that nothing prevented the chest.
  3. Wash gel breast shower, do not use soap.
  4. Use douche - it's wonderful massages the nipples.
  5. About a month before birth nipples and smear halo special ointment (best to ask your doctor which one, but it's usually "Purelan-100").Also, do not wash off immediately and rub the nipples colostrum, which can be released in the last period before giving birth.
  6. Most go with open chest - it needs more air.
  7. Gently pull the nipple to form an elongated shape.Well I do it with her husband.