How is pregnancy?

How is pregnancy?

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How is pregnancy?

Pregnancy - this is a very happy time.To the expectation of the desired baby did not seem too long, expectant mother can ensure that as the pregnancy develops.

Signs of developing pregnancy

  • small amount of bleeding.
  • Increased basal temperature.
  • unwell.
  • sensitivity of the mammary glands.
  • temperature extremes.
  • Heaviness in the pelvis.
  • Tingling in the uterus.
  • restless sleep.
  • Drowsiness, fatigue.
  • Headaches.
  • swelling in her arms.
  • Nausea, odors intolerance.
  • bowel disorder.
  • Frequent urination.
  • delay menstruation.
  • Increased appetite.

pregnancy week by week development

  • 1 week.The first stage - is actively preparing the egg to life outside of the ovary.The egg is formed within the ovarian follicle.
  • 2 weeks.The dominant egg is intensively developing in the ovaries.She continues to prepare for their independent life.In turn, in the male sperm accumulate.They are waiting for ejaculation.When this army of 200 -. 400 million sperm cells rush to the internal genital organs of women, the egg will reach only the most deserving.
  • 3 weeks.On the third week of pregnancy can be safely described as well take place.At this time ovulation occurs.Burst follicle, and in its place appears a yellow body, which plays an important role in the course of the pregnancy.The egg is already fertilized, it is embedded in the uterine wall.To form the nervous system and the brain of the fetus.Finally, the heart begins to beat tiny.
  • 4 weeks.Develops whether the pregnancy at 4 weeks?More than.At this time, already starting to develop the spine and muscles.Already determined eyes, ears, hands and feet.The length of the fruit - 1.5-2.5 mm.
  • 5 weeks.On the handles appear on the 5 fingers.A woman only begins to suspect about their interesting position.
  • 6-7 weeks.The uterus has increased, but the pregnancy is still difficult to determined.The uterus prepares itself to the fact that the fruit will grow.Hollow embryo has formed a head similar to the head of a reptile, he is the tail.Feet and shovel handles.Heart baby 140-150 beats per minute.fetal length - 1.25 cm
  • 8 weeks..The fruit has become like a man, but in comparison with the body, the head is still large.Forms the outer ears, toes, even clumsy.There are eyelids, which will be closed until 24 weeks.
  • 9 weeks.In the fetus begin to develop baby teeth, elbows.The baby is moving more and more, can bend the fingers into the cam.
  • 10 weeks.The kid is already beginning to squint, wrinkling the forehead, swallowing, trying to push off from the wall of the uterus, although its weight is only 4 grams.
  • 11 weeks.All the organs of the baby are formed!He was reacting to the sound of light, especially noise, cold and heat.By the way, a third way is passed, 1 trimester ends.It starts the second.
  • 12 weeks.Baby weighs 14 grams and has grown to a length of about 9 centimeters, but the head is still large compared with the body.There are nails on fingers and toes, formed genitalia, although still difficult to determine the sex.What is very important - getting better breathing.
  • 13 weeks.Actively continuing growth of the placenta, and the fetus is already formed the beginnings of 20 milk teeth, weight reached 28 grams.
  • 14 weeks.Heart baby pumping 24 liters of blood per day, formed the genitals, and the pancreas begins to produce insulin.
  • 15 weeks.How is pregnancy in this period?The fetus already secretes hormones, which can not affect the mother's body.She may begin to fall out hair, while the baby's head is covered with hair.It has already reached 13 cm in height and weighs about 50 grams.
  • 16-17 week.Taurus child is bright red, the whole matter in the blood vessels visible through the transparent skin.Heart beating very strong, becomes stronger muscles.Finally it's time to determine the sex of the baby.Mom may please the movement inside the abdomen, which is already starting to feel weak.fruit length - 18 cm, weight about 100 grams.
  • 18 weeks.Baby begins to actively move, you feel it the first tremors.fetal weight is 200 grams with the growth of 21 centimeters.
  • 19-20 week.A child more responsive to sounds, noises, so talk to him as often as possible.The brain is actively developing.Fruit obviously like a man, there were the brow arch, but his eyes still closed eyelids.All internal organs are formed, it remains only to develop greater light.
  • 21 weeks.Manifest first taste, the blood begins to produce white blood cells.
  • 22-23 week.The child shows interest in your body, touch her arms.He is very active.He needs more oxygen, so my mother recommended to spend more time outdoors.
  • 24 weeks.It was time for the 3rd trimester.The kid already weighs 650 grams, height 32 cm, the skin is not so red, starts to lay fat tissue.Mum needs more rest because of back pain.
  • 25-26 weeks.The beating heart of the baby appears more and more, he has already reached 37 centimeters and weighs about 900 grams.
  • 27-31 week.Mom is necessary to go to the doctor every two weeks already.Kid more moves, his eyelids open.Even if the birth occurred during this period, the child would be able to breathe, to move vigorously, clapping softly.The skin is still reddish.Weight- 1 kg, length - 38 cm
  • 32-35 weeks..Kid getting heavier.Mom already looking forward to when the same will end her pregnancy.How is the fruit of this week?It weighs about 1.8 kg, its length is 43 cm. The skin is wrinkled and red, there are fat deposits.The skull is still weak and soft.But the lungs develop faster, they have themselves can support life.The kid hears sounds and responds to their movements.
  • 36-39 week.Mom feels discomfort from the fact that the uterus As for the lower edges of her chest.Roll over and even sit it becomes very difficult.Often there is pain in the back.The baby weighs 2.5 kg, its length -. 46 cm Weight gain increases in the last weeks due to the fact that the limbs and shoulders fetal fat is deposited.His body is rounded on the little face wrinkles are aligned.Continue to grow nails.
  • 40 weeks.That comes the final stage of the pregnancy.Leather baby clean, Gorny and without a gun.It is a waxy substance layer.The head is completely covered with hair.The skull is fused and has two fontanelle: on the back of the head and forehead.Eye color can not be determined yet, but they are open.You can easily distinguish the genitals shaped nose and ears.

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