How to recognize the fight ?

How to recognize the fight ?

sat down to birth - a very exciting moment for every woman, which is waiting with great impatience.Their early evidence bout that easy to see.After all, they are accompanied by a number of features.

It should know that the fight can be true and false, the first lead to the appearance of the child, and the second - prepare the uterus for future delivery.

symptoms of true labor

Recognize the first battle, foreshadowing generations, is possible by low back pain and lower abdomen, they usually are similar to those observed during menstruation.Then, it may seem that the uterus hardens in a small time interval, and then her muscles are beginning to decline.This woman can celebrate strong aching pain in the very womb and bleeding.

is divided into three phases of labor before delivery:

  • home.This stage has a duration of 7-8 hours.Contractions extend no more than 30-45 seconds, and the interval between them is 7.5 minutes.During the initial stage of the cervix is ‚Äč‚Äčtime to open up to 3 cm;
  • active.The duration of this phase can be up to 5 hours.Contractions while it continues to 60 seconds at intervals of 2-4 minutes.During this phase of the uterus revealed 4-6 cm;
  • Slow.This step is the most gentle - 1.5 hours.Duration contractions in this case is 70 to 90 seconds at intervals of 0.5-1 minute.Cervix during the slow phase of time to open up to 8-10 cm.

If you realize that you have started the real fight, it is recommended to fix their duration and frequency, as well as to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

symptoms of false labor

As mentioned above, the false contractions are not a harbinger of sorts.It is believed that they are designed to build strength of uterine muscle.Some women have false contractions occur painlessly.While others say intense uterine contractions.For many women, this process is of concern and anxiety, especially in nulliparous.

main feature of false labor - irregular occurrence.Intervals between them can be from 20 minutes to several hours.Therefore, a woman is not difficult to understand that before birth there is still enough time.When the false contractions, try to keep calm, drink a glass of warm water, walk around the room or take a walk in the fresh air.

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