As a growing belly ?

As a growing belly ?

In early pregnancy belly grows quite slowly and quietly.It happens that five months it is not visible, but is already becoming noticeable as he grew up in a few days.When the baby grows, it needs more space in the stomach mothers, so you can observe and watch how the growing belly.Home


How much growing belly?As can already be seen hillock, tells the mother that the child develops and grows?Basically, the mother's abdomen begins to increase from the beginning of the third month, but conspicuous becomes only the fourth (16 weeks).Although every woman's belly sizes at certain stages of pregnancy can vary significantly.For example, a mother who bears her first child, the abdomen may be smaller than the one that has the second toddler.Also abdominal size may depend on the build the mother from the child's size, the amount of amniotic fluid.

From what depends on the growth of the belly?

abdomen growth depends on how the baby grows inside it.In general, the fetus develops, daily increasing by a couple of millimeters.After the milestone of 16 weeks (4 months) the baby is already gaining centimeters.It grows not very fast, but purposefully.The approximate size of the fetus to 20-22 week is already half of what it was born.It is between 22 and 25 centimeters.More

four weeks (24-25 weeks) the child weighs more than half a kilogram, and increased growth of 3-5 centimeters.During this period, the stomach is increasing rapidly and is very noticeable.The period when the growing belly during pregnancy fastest - 25-26 weeks.But all indicators are absolutely individual, and appear differently in each mother.

When the time comes seven months or 28 weeks, the baby has already reached large enough - 30-35 centimeters;it weighs one kilogram and a half.

In 32 weeks or eight months pregnant, the baby almost forms its own weight and height.On average, a child's body weight will be a half to two kilograms.A growth - from 40 to 45 centimeters.