How to breathe during childbirth ?

How to breathe during childbirth ?

Did you know that breathing properly at birth - it is essential!Thus you can help your child, it will experience less discomfort and get more oxygen during passage through the birth canal.The fact that the battles uterine blood vessels are clamped, by which the child is exposed to oxygen starvation.He feels buoyant force, the baby seriously at this point, maybe even worse than you.Therefore, proper breathing during labor provides crumbs sufficient supply of oxygen.We will learn that even during pregnancy!

Learning to breathe properly during childbirth

Take two popular exercise during pregnancy, and you will learn how to breathe correctly is already at birth themselves.

breath while walking

If it's good weather, go out into the fresh air.Otherwise, find a well-ventilated room.Walk, slowly, while breathing calmly.Breathing technique: inhale on the first step, exhale on the second step, and so step by step.So you will need to walk about 3 minutes.After that, we begin to enter the following breathing technique.Walking down the first time to breathe, but the second step will also be breath.But the third and fourth step - exhale.Again, such movement continuing for 3 minutes.Then we go to the next level: 1 inhale for 3 Steps 3 and exhalation on the following 3 steps.After 3 minutes in this rhythm consider at what point you will be more comfortable to breathe in all: Select this level of breathing and go so another 3 minutes.Most likely, you will like the first or second level of respiration.Please note that it is not necessary to accelerate in walking, and should not be made too deep breaths.This exercise should be done every day, no more than 10 minutes at a time!After each exercise, walk for a while in a free and familiar place for you breathing.Gradually, you can increase the number of breaths to 7. After the daily lessons you will be very easy to move around briskly.

Learn to lower breathing

Again we must find a well-ventilated room to start training.Stand on your feet, put your hand just above the breast, it coincides with the middle part of the lungs.Reassure your breath, breathe peacefully.Let's hand moves with the rib cage: rise and fall.It is the breath characteristic of women.In addition to the average upper respiratory isolated, for it you have to put your hands on his shoulders near his neck.The top light is just located in this area under the collar bone and muscles.High Breathing is performed as follows: when inhaling lifted his shoulders, while exhaling - fall.High Breathing is more characteristic for people suffering from shortness of breath, pulmonary diseases.It was also observed lower breath when his hands are placed on the surface of the ribs inferolateral.Breathe is performed belly, while expanding the chest, it should help to shrink during exhalation.Lower breathing is most commonly used by men and children.It is the last option of breathing has a positive effect on blood circulation in the placenta.It is actively used to prevent oxygen deficiency (hypoxia) fruit, as well as bearing-down stage of labor.So you can figure out how to breathe during childbirth.Follow the lower breath for 10 minutes each day in ventilated room or outdoors in good weather.