How to make an effort ?

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How to make an effort?

In the life of every woman Pregnancy - this is happiness.Any girl waits until she gets married and become a mother.Undoubtedly, the physiological process of pregnancy, someone brings it easily, some harder, but ends up pregnant all women equally - contractions.Attempts - a reduction of abdominal muscles that contribute to the passage of the baby through the birth canal.


Attempts regulates a woman in labor, most often they last for about an hour before the child is born.Main between attempts - to breathe properly, then relax and listen to the obstetrician.

In the hospital, put on a woman in childbirth obstetric bed.Along the edges of the bed put iron railings.Holding on to them, a woman creates an ideal position for birth.

During the fight you need to make an effort to breathe smoothly and evenly.Properly push during delivery, is to push hard, so the child will be born quickly and without injury.It is widely breast breathe, take a breath, hold your breath for 10 to 15 seconds and push hard.Do not waste your strength on the cry, better keep the sound in itself, mychite, but do not open your mouth.Presses his head to his chest, the power of direct-down stomach.During a battle, you have to complete three times tighter.Breath of attempts differs from breathing during labor so that the battles should breathe "Therefore dog" frequently.How to make an effort, and will advise the physician, birth attendant or midwife.

For successful delivery, the doctor is very important.We recommend that you install a doctor good friendly relations and ask the following:

  • to you lifted and lowered back maternity chair when you need to;
  • to be allowed to bow his knees during the attempts, so you can control your body.
  • very important to listen to your body's signals.What do not your body will tell you what happens to him.Remember that in any case, do not need to make an effort in moments when there is no urgency to vain attempts.This can lead to ruptures.
  • Also, every woman should understand that if the periods of contractions during labor, to control it can not, but the quality of time and attempts - entirely female affair.
  • main mistake during attempts is unfortunate position.If a woman is in the delivery push chair at an angle of 45 degrees, that is, the probability that the child head when exiting maternity pipes will have insufficient pressure and childbirth will be more difficult.
  • remind you that the best position - vertical, with snap-knees and clasp their hands.This posture is more advantageous in that in addition to my mother, the baby helps to be born attractive force.

Preparation Prepare for childbirth can be long and hard, and at the right moment, you can forget not only how to push during labor, but also its own name.Childbirth - complicated physiological process that requires emotional preparation.Important support for his father, or loved ones, the willingness of the woman to be a mother.Prepare, study better.

Breathing Technique

Once again on breathing techniques.Breathing correctly is necessary "in the stomach."Those.gaining air into the lungs to push it down to the stomach, if you hold the air in your mouth, you will redden cheeks that say about breathing properly.Exhale slowly as you must, that there was no repellent effect and the baby is not thrown back.Exhale is also important and has an impact on the result of attempts.And do not forget to keep quiet.The most inefficient activity at birth - cry.Not only do you spend your strength, properly using the air so still and the child will remain in place.

If you feel that you are not comfortable to be in this or that position, do not be afraid to tell your doctor.If you are tempted to roll over, bend over, or that - something else, then it is no accident, because nature is wise and knows best what your body wants and the body at the moment.Being in a comfortable position, you create comfort for your child.You may need help to better understand the process and delivery attempts, and learn all about how to make an effort, the videos that provide medical sites.On them you will be able to view the tutorials.