What is my week of pregnancy ?

What is my week of pregnancy ?

women, particularly giving birth for the first time, it is very interesting to see how a single cell for 40 weeks is developing a new life.In this connection there is a lot of questions.Uncommon among them: "What is my week of pregnancy?".we will consider it in detail now.

Perceived signs of pregnancy

Many women are concerned about how pregnancy symptoms felt good on any week.Of course, the most important early sign of pregnancy - is the absence of menstruation.Other symptoms: abdominal enlargement, breast swelling, vaginal discharge - they appear a little later.

On what week of pregnancy nausea?

interest also pregnant on what week of pregnancy nausea.Everyone talked about the nausea in the morning, everyone expects eating herring with sugar and other things.Of course, pregnant women are unpredictable, but you may not feel sick throughout the pregnancy, and tastes you can not change.And if any changes have taken place, at what specific time frame, you can not say for sure, all individually.Usually in the first trimester nausea and vomiting may be near the end of pregnancy.

For a week is visible pregnancy?

If you want to know which week will be visible to your pregnancy, it is enough to look on the internet pictures of pregnant bellies on different terms.But then again, it's just a standard, but in fact all all different.We must be guided by about 16-20 weeks.

How do I know which week of pregnancy?

  1. As soon as you learn of the pregnancy by the absence of menstruation and test, you go to a gynecologist, who will hold the vaginal examination and put the approximate gestational age.It defines it is by how enlarged uterus.On the account put about 7-8 weeks of pregnancy.
  2. will then be assigned to the first ultrasound (screening test) at 11-12 weeks, which is already more precise and tell time, and the anticipated date of birth.
  3. You yourself can find out which week of pregnancy.First you need to remember (see) the start date of the last menstrual period.From the first day of the last menstrual period, you subtract three months and add seven days.This will be the fortieth week (delivery date).From this period, it is possible to calculate what week of pregnancy you are now.
  4. The easiest way to calculate the week of pregnancy - is go to online calculators.Be sure to try to use them, online pregnancy calculator you will be given information even about what is happening in your tummy in this week of pregnancy.