How to shave your pubic area ?

Many modern men and women suggest the beauty of not only visible, but also in the intimate parts of the body.Of course, smooth intimate place looks more sexy and attractive.But if not properly removing pubic hair is almost inevitable irritation of the skin.

As Shaved correctly

for hair removal pubic different techniques are used, but, perhaps, the most common of them is shaving.Here are the following tips on how to shave intimate place that has not appeared on the skin irritation, and the result is a long feast for the eyes.

difference between male and female genitalia in terms of shaving insignificant except that the risk of accidental cuts men higher than women, and also in men the process more time consuming.

In order to properly shave pubic hair, you will need:

  • razor;
  • scissors or a trimmer;
  • means shaving for sensitive skin;
  • towel;
  • moisturizing cream or lotion (better if it is with vitamin E or aloe extract).

How to shave your pubic girl

  1. Do not immediately remove pubic hair with a razor.First, trim the them using sharp scissors, so short as you can.
  2. When the hair ends sostrizheny will need to take a hot bath.Then the hair and skin to steam and become softer.If possible take a bath you do not, you can take a hot shower.
  3. Apply groin large amount of shaving.This will protect your skin from cuts and ingrown hairs.Moisturizer shaving razor will glide easily on the surface of the pubis.
  4. Begin shaving.Close shave from top to bottom - in the direction of growth.After a few movements, rinse the shaver under the tap.This will prevent clogging the blades.Shaving against the direction of hair growth can cause severe skin irritation.
  5. thoroughly wash the pubic area with cool water after you complete these steps.Make sure that all parts carefully shaved skin.If you are satisfied with the result, you should wipe the skin in the groin area dry with a towel.
  6. Finally, apply to the area you just shaved, cream or lotion.It is best suited for this baby moisturizing oil.It will help keep the skin soft and smooth, will prevent the appearance of pimples.

As Shaved men

As mentioned earlier, shaving pubic hair tips for men and women differ significantly.However, if you ever did not do it, the process of shaving the pubic area will be for you time consuming and lengthy.

first 3 steps of shaving the pubic area in men and women are the same: first, as short as possible to cut hair with scissors, then take a hot bath or shower, and, finally, abundant smear groin shaving.It is worth noting that male means better not to use.More suitable female shaving cream, because it is much softer and less perfumed.

Getting shaving.Shaven scrotum easiest way, starting from the bottom.With one hand, lift it all up and start to shave in the direction from the bottom up the hair between her legs.Particularly delicate skin of the scrotum central part, so handling it, be very careful.Then treat the side of the scrotum and finish shaving her top.Now you have to shave pubic hair actually on.

After performing these steps, men, as girls should be rinsed thoroughly groin with cool water and grease it with a moisturizing cream or lotion.

Here are some simple guidelines that allow you to learn how to shave the pubic area, avoiding cuts and discomforts.

How to care for skin shaved pubis

To avoid irritation and ingrown hairs after shaving of the pubis should be maintained.Therefore, during the washing process do not forget to scrub the skin or just a washcloth.Wear natural quality linen, preferably cotton, at least the first day after shaving.

And remember - if you decide to shave pubic hair, be prepared for the fact that you have to do it regularly, perhaps even daily.Also on the spaces of our cities users, you can easily find a lot of video - how to shave pubic area, which can dispel all your doubts!Good luck in your endeavors!