Why men do not listen to women ?

Why men do not listen to women ?

How often do we, the girls have to face the fact of man's stubbornness.Each of us in his life, approximately a thousand times uttered the words: "Well, why are you not listening to me?Who am I telling all this?You got me, do not you hear? "It does not mean that your significant other does not love you.Just men do not feel such a need in the conversation as a woman.So why do not men listen to women?


English scientists have conducted research which showed that the cause of such behavior in men is hormonal and psychological background.In men and women, even parts of the brain responsible for hearing differently arranged.Women are characterized by gestures when talking, screaming, to move to different sounds.They are more emotional and unrestrained than men.And the most interesting thing is that the male brain perceives women's speech as music.


There is one answer to the question on why men do not listen to women.Play in the memory of a situation when there is a problem or a nuisance.What makes this situation a woman?Phoning girlfriends and acquaintances, and asks all the council.He tells about the problem and looking for a way out collectively.At the same time, the man is silent and thinks that in this situation.Seeking a solution to silence.Although emotions in his heart does not take place less than a woman.The reason is sexual differences.


problems What to do now that it was clear and understandable why men do not listen to women.We can offer several recommendations for solving this problem.

  • Always look for the right moment to talk.That depends on it, you will hear or not.Do not distract the man stories about nail salon, when he tries to make an annual report on the work.In other words, if it is busy, it is in your best interest to wait until he finished and will just drink coffee.That's when you can talk.
  • Do not use in conversation fuzzy phrases.Men are alarming.Specify a topic of conversation and people who want to touch on in this conversation.It should be of interest to a man in the conversation so that he wanted to consult you.Let him know that you are familiar with the way things are in his work.In a word, when a man knows what to expect from the conversation, it is not so scary.
  • To your man you heard, show little tricks.Ask questions so that he could not give a one-word answer.Ask leading questions.

should not create a problem where there is none.No need to err on the expense of each other.Everything is fine.You just different.If a man and woman are showing sympathy for each other, then one learns to listen to, and the other will understand that the most important and needed her man, after all, hear.