What is the strength of a man?

What is the strength of a man?

What is man's strength?The question is rhetorical.According to statistics, one out of Internet publications, 90 percent of men are weak.What does this mean?Let's think logically.Men's strength in the muscles!Really?We are going to talk today about the strong qualities of character, not the fortress of hands.So, what is the power of man:

  • The actions
  • The victories
  • The success
  • The ability to earn
  • The indulgence
  • The patience
  • In understanding
  • In erudition
  • The intelligence
  • The masculinity
  • The generosity
  • The ability to please
  • The ability to forgive
  • The ability not to be offended
  • The ability to hear
  • The ability to feel
  • The charisma
  • The self-sufficiency
  • in demand
  • In dealing with their children
  • The responsibility

lot of points.Is it too much we women want from men?Maybe.But for ourselves, we make demands?But let's not get distracted ... Let us all the same about men.

The greatest strength of the men in the ability to keep promises.And it manifests itself in deeds.What we men - women like?

  • Strong
  • Bold
  • ability to protect
  • Serious
  • Responsible
  • Charismatic
  • winners
  • Successful
  • Courageous
  • Sports
  • C humorous

man in his prime who's this?Vseponimayuschy wise male?How could still raise a strong man?It is no secret that a woman - a harmony.Will she be able to make a man become strong and courageous, self-confident?If the woman herself will adhere to certain rules, and then the man wants to trade for it.

like a blind strong man of ordinary, average man?Tips for girls and women:

  • Being feminine
  • Just love
  • be willing
  • want it
  • Cultivating
  • Caring for a
  • be intellectually
  • be good
  • be interesting
  • Become self-sufficient
  • Put yourselfgoal and go for it
  • be fun and charge a man with energy
  • be able to listen
  • be able to understand
  • ability to forgive
  • be easy

So, to what conclusion we come from?And to this, that to close was a strong man, you need to be very weak, feminine, loved, wanted, needed.

Then, everything will turn out - be attracted your man (if it is not), and you like a real lady, blind him a real Superman.Good luck to you in this difficult task!