How should she behave ?

How should she behave ?

Every girl wants to be happy in their lives.Having a loved one and to be loved.But it turns out not every female.Only at first glance, it seems to be a girl with a good reputation, and have the respect of others to be easy, but it is not, everything is much more complicated.

qualities that should have a girl

consider in detail how a girl should behave.Any girl to be in good standing with others must have a lot of good qualities.If it is simply beautiful and pretty, it does not help her to earn the respect of others.


  • Culture.The girl should know how to behave and stick to them.Even if it is something not like it, do not need to start a scandal, and to express their opinions, the more rudely.It is necessary to properly resolve this issue, to find some compromise.
  • delicacy.It must be sensitive not only to work but also at home, among friends in everyday life.
  • modesty.Yet no one girl did not prevent modesty.Modest girls have always enjoyed special attention.
  • Morality.Required quality as immoral girls do not perceive in the society.
  • Easy.Everywhere and always appreciated.If a girl will be simple, then it will be easier to find friends and, of course, Man.
  • emotionally.Boring girls are not interested in others.
  • Courage and cheerfulness.

How to behave girl

There are specific rules regarding the behavior of the modern girl.They allow you to not only enjoy the respect of others, but their attention.

  • not be too intrusive because it is impossible to please everyone.Guys do not like when they are imposed, they love when a girl for them remains a mystery.
  • not be too talkative.When she jumps on a guy with a twenty-minute monologue or a mass of questioning, then he immediately lost the desire to communicate with her, because he believes it is too talkative and curious.
  • behave as befits a female.When she behaves like a man, it is not just ugly, it deprives her of all feminine charms.Even if this guy likes it, it probably will take place other than his girlfriend.
  • not be too independent.No need to immediately take the initiative in their hands, you need to give the guy the opportunity.The guy must be a guy and yet he must be the master and not the slave.
  • Eliminate rudeness.Now the girls somehow think that being rude is fashionable.But this is a misconception.The girl should be soft and vulnerable.
  • behave according to their age.It looks silly when she behaves like a baby when she cries because every little thing or a loved one asks to buy a lot of unnecessary trinkets.Guys do not like this, in such cases, immediately try to break this relationship.
  • Staying girl.Very important it is that in which the lady is wearing.It is necessary to wear all kinds of skirts, dresses and jackets.Guys first of all pay attention to the well-groomed, neat girls, but not for those who smoke, drink and wear baggy clothes.
  • not ape.Many girls love to wriggle their boyfriends or strangers before.This girl is behaving strangely in the eyes of others, it is better not to do so.
  • have an opinion.Always defend their own point of view, not to retreat from their positions, because persistence and awareness of the situation, this is a big plus for the girls.
  • develop.It is necessary to read a book, learn foreign languages, go to performances at the theater and attend sports clubs.Never a guy did not break off relations with a girl if they have a common interest, it will be something to talk to her and where to go together.

Now you know how to behave in a girl if she wants it treated well, respected and considered her and her opinions.You can not rest on our laurels, we must go forward, develop and conquer new heights.Only in this case you will be interesting to talk to, and at the same time easy to find a decent pair and save it.