How a woman should behave ?

How a woman should behave ?

Sometimes women underestimate their words, facial expressions and gestures can influence others.It happens at work, on the street, in a store, in the family.Everywhere woman can influence both good and bad.In this regard, today we will talk about how a woman should behave to her side all was nice and comfortable.

relations between men and women

woman in society, as a decoration, which may be different price, the beauty, the date of manufacture.What is it the most important thing: to look good or to behave properly?Both it is imperative to win and keep the man beside him.Not all women do it, so let's look at how a woman should behave in a relationship with a man.

  • First, let's talk about the characteristics of women - to talk a lot.Take the upper hand in the conversation - a big mistake.Learn to listen carefully and maintain a conversation.Engage in self-education, as intelligent and educated woman interested in men.With it, there is something to talk about, and she feels confident and independent.
  • Second, be honest in all things.Do not start a relationship with a lie, it is sure to be revealed and hurt you.Do not control every step of the men, do not limit his freedom.After meeting up with you, his life was completely different.Help him with kindness and affection, care and attention.
  • And yet, show yourself restrained and modest.Do not spend a lot of money, sometimes this feature guards men, women wasteful not everyone can afford and in spirit.As well as be a good housewife: to keep order in the house and indulge all sorts of goodies.

Behavior wife

with the role of his wife is not easy to handle.How you should keep a wife?We will not talk about the ideal wife, as it is unrealistic.Let's see what a woman can do for your family, in spite of the imperfection and new responsibilities in life.

Home, his wife - and the addition of helper husband.Let not frighten women this fact, it is very reasonable!Why take over the steering wheel and thus humiliate the dignity of her husband?Make decisions he must, and you - to express their opinions, gently and tactfully argued.Such a wife can do much to close people.It appreciates, respects and loves her husband.

no secret that men react differently to problems.Someone easy to take advice from others and recognize their weaknesses.And some pride does not allow it, and he was wrong again and again.In this case, the wife is necessary to pay special attention to her husband, to find, something to praise and support during failures.

This woman

This woman, what is it?How does the real woman, how does it differ from others?It developed the mass of attractive qualities.She is loving and kind, warm and tender.It helps her to be sincere towards all people.Her femininity singled out not only the beauty, but also the ability to apply yourself.

Like a good psychologist, a woman well versed in people.For other errors, it sees no reason for such action, and, given the motives of the offense, it is easy to forgive.And in a relationship with a man, she - a virtuoso.If necessary, it can insist on his own, resulting in logical arguments.

The behavior of this woman noticed a huge performance for the benefit of others.And hard work it is shown not only at work but also at home.This is a very caring mom and wife.Such a woman for the sake of career will not go "over the heads", she appreciates the relationships in the team.She cares about what others think about it.Reputation fair and disinterested staff member for her expensive.That she is real, natural and open.

Features wise woman

Wise man differs from others in that it is able to put into practice the knowledge acquired.The woman is not an exception.However, something that distinguishes it from the man.Many psychologists, describing the specifics of how behaves a wise woman, focus on her patience.This quality helps to look at a person is not superficial, and gouged his essence.Therefore, wise women are people worthy members of society: with certain qualities, characteristics, talents.

Wisdom helps women develop their personality, to be independent, sensible.She knows how to keep emotions under control, can not be attraction despair and in case of defeat.Her mood did not deprive it of the joy of life.This emotional state helps her survive the difficult moments.