How to make a man ?

How to make a man ?

No need explain no, that despite all the gender differences, men and women need to learn to live together, to cooperate and build strong relationships.This article can help women better understand men and learn to accept them for what they are.And in order to better understand the world's perception of the features of men read our article What is love of man and how to understand male psychology.

How to man:

  1. strategy has long been known that a person's character is formed long before he is ready to enter into a relationship with the opposite sex.Freud, for example, believed that change the character traits can not be after the age of six.Of course, you can try to neutralize the negative traits in adulthood, but it should be understood that the daily criticism and nagging achieve this, most likely, it will not succeed.So the first rule is: do not criticize.
  2. compliments.Emphasize the positive aspects of any actions.People are so arranged that received the praise, they will try to win her back.Men, of course, is no exception.
  3. However, if you're just constantly praising a loved one, there is a possibility of loss of interest to you.Have you ever wondered why "stars" do not get married all the time on their fan?It's a dream - undivided adoration.The fact is that life is a zealous fan makes it impossible to develop.So be your partner faithful companion: help grow as a person, subtly hinting at the direction in which changes are needed.
  4. Everyone always needs support.However strong may have been a man, he needs a collaborator.Anyone who can help develop and implement the most ambitious plans.To do this, more often dream together, and then strive to achieve your dreams.
  5. Solve problems together.It will be easier to accept the person for who he is, if you see his strengths, for that act together and mark for yourself than your man's remarkable approach.
  6. Grow yourself.If you are busy with their own growth, you will simply have no time to find fault in a partner.Read it, including the literature on the peculiarities of interpersonal relations.Good articles on this topic are in the sections Psychology and Psychology of men at our website.

Why is it important to learn how to make a man

Whatever shouting modern feminists fighting for women's rights, it is necessary to admit that the modern man is much more difficult to live in today's society than, for example, 100-200 years ago.Then the socially required one from a man: to feed his family.Such a person could expect a priori to be respected and considered successful.That is, he only had to compete with other men.

Modern women may well compete with men in terms of "food production", which means that the stronger sex have to compete even with the ladies.A society thus requires that the average family man was also a good father, a gentle husband, au pairs, and only in this case it is considered completely successful.One could argue that a woman too much demand, but it can choose, and it is unlikely anyone seriously condemn the mother of a large family for its inconsistency in his career.

That is why a woman by nature is more flexible, it makes sense to learn to listen to emotional outbursts men helping, so it realized in life.Of course, if you decide that it was with this man you want to go hand in hand.