As women choose men ?

As women choose men ?

Many of the representatives of a strong half of humanity, err on account of their appearance.According to them, in the head of every woman posted a picture with inflated blue-eyed handsome man.And the woman desperately dreaming about it, persistently unaware of ordinary men.I hasten to uspokoit- it is not.Let us consider in detail how women choose men.

selection criteria

  • Women prefer tall and big men.Primitive people believed that large male earner is very promising.And that his family will be left without a mammoth.So today, on a subconscious level, women accept and agree with this opinion.
  • Women do not like men stooped.To get rid of the stoop, which you do not go, we can offer you special exercises.We must rely on the knee and one hand on the bed and the free hand to take a dumbbell and pull it up (elbow moves close to the body).Do not cave in.The back should be straight.The entire load is on hand, instead of on the body.Repeat this exercise at least ten times.
  • Women choose men dense.As shown by the research, only a few like lean or lean men, and most women prefer more dense.They admit that in a small, rounded abdomen, has a hint of sexuality.

Scientists have proved that men in tight blood much more estrogen than blood slim.Since it prevents estrogen thrombus, the risk of cardiovascular diseases is much lower.

However, this applies only to the small completeness, and if the weight is much larger than it should be in terms of growth, then it is not appealing.Who likes, when the partner suffers from shortness of breath and then pours?

possible to learn about how women choose men, you want to lose weight, or vice versa to increase muscle mass.In order to get closer to the ideal figure, wiry men need to work out and follow the diet.Very plump the stronger sex should refrain from eating after ten o'clock in the evening and in the morning jogging.If you adhere to these rules, then very soon through the mirror you look at a man with a perfectly shaped.With a few months of hard work.

Women love hairy men.English women's magazine "Eva" held a public survey on the vegetation on the male breast.The data showed that 90% of women opposed to the man doing depilation, 7% is very attractive hairy chest, and 55% like a little hairy chest.

have sexologists is believed that during intercourse, chest hair Men have a role stimulator.They tickle a woman's body, and that they like.

But if you do not belong to the ranks of hairy men, do not despair.There are women who do not like the increased vegetation.Your fiancee will love you for who you are.

How do women relate to men with a bald head?There are men who are cut nalyso head in tribute to the fashion trends of the season, and there are those that have increased hair loss.But it is believed that after the release of the movie "Die Hard," with Bruce Willis in the lead role, it has become very fashionable haircut at zero.Many women believe that such a haircut shows courage and male sexuality.

But as of what women choose men?Men are a bit easier.Someone like full, someone evil, but there is an opinion that in the selection of the ideal life partner, for the man is her own mother.