How to love men ?

How to love men ?

Very often a woman after breaking his relationship with her lover thinks about what she had done wrong and why she could not hold it next to him.And the reason is often the wrong expression of his love, sometimes too strong and repulsive, and sometimes, on the contrary, insufficient to favorite you believe.Let's look at how men love to your love emotions evoked response and bring joy to both of you.

Your goal - mutual happiness

You need to keep this in mind every second, carried out with your loved one.The most important thing in a relationship Looking for: - a comfort and understanding, that give you true happiness.If you take the role of a strict mother who is constantly making notes or harsh educators, which are hard to please, your "child" will flee from you there, where he was less demanding.

Stop constantly prove his innocence man, behave as if you are one always know how and what to do to break away with or without.Ultimately, the relationship - this is not a battlefield, where you want to be sure to win.Rugged Union has always built on mutual concessions and the ability to keep their emotions in time.Therefore, if you do not know how to love men, first of all, learn to forgive and not to dwell on the details.In the end, it can also be a lot of reasons to create a scandal.

support around

Even if your favorite new hobby is you only smile if you love it and look forward to reciprocal feelings, keep even the most absurd of his initiatives.Common interests - it is part of the foundation during the construction of a good relationship.So if you will openly despise her beloved hobbies, he'll stop with you to share your thoughts and impressions, knowing that you are not interested.This behavior only alienates people from each other, so do not be surprised if he will stay at work or to see friends more often.

Anyway need to practice your favorite hobby or business will not go anywhere, it just be easier to explain to someone else.And you are very lucky, if that "someone" would be a co-worker, or childhood friend, rather than a more experienced woman who, unlike you, is well aware of how important for a man to support.

Needless to say that you just have to be with him and to show empathy, if a man has a problem?Of course, indifference in this matter does not fit with the selfless love that you feel for him.Therefore, showing great attention and interest in him, the stronger sex is also necessary to prove that they are loved and believe in them.However, do not forget about the previous point: excess emotions and the role of fussy moms also irrelevant here!

Take his championship

no coincidence because it turned out that the man - a hunter, miner, leader .. Deep down, many women dream of such partners is to be stronger, to be taken care of and to solve common problems.Then why are so fond of beautiful ladies to suppress these qualities in a loved one, always trying to play the first violin?

Give your loved one the opportunity to be a real man, to recognize his superiority in the relationship, give him a major role.This should not in any way infringe upon your dignity as a woman, if you like it really is.No one requires you to unquestioning obedience and servility.It was more a question of the distribution of liabilities in the pair.

Do not forget about the appearance of ever!

Even if your partner truly convinces you that you're always fine for him, shaved legs and neglect nail services for a long time not survive almost no one.Try to be well-groomed and beautiful as often as possible.

no secret that the male is very important is the visual perception, so try to satisfy him.More likely to change, try new images, do not forget the sexy lingerie and related attributes.Men tend to flatter such behavior.Deep down, they very much appreciate your efforts, even if you do not say it out loud.

In order to know exactly how to love men, it is also necessary to learn how to cook.Alas, not every male representative will be happy to dinner in the diner.And about "the way to a man's heart" is hardly worth mentioning ...