How to please a woman?

How to please a woman?

Millions of men all over the earth every day scratching their heads, thinking about how to please a woman.It's enough to stick to simple rules.

How to please a woman

  1. treat women with respect.Take her decision and do not condemn them.
  2. Be funny.This does not mean that the presence of a lady to behave like a clown, but remember that women like men with a sense of humor.Topics for jokes should be relevant and not offensive.
  3. Make gifts and surprises for no reason.A small bar of chocolate, a poem of his own composition, beautiful bauble - in this case is important not the gift itself, but note that you will do.Women are important to the man's attention.
  4. Learn to listen.It is no secret that women talk a lot, and if this man listens attentively and actively participates in the dialogue, the woman understands how important it is for him.
  5. Be punctual.Even if a woman has a habit of being late to a meeting, you should still be on time.And do not reproach a woman for being late.
  6. Be polite.Gives way to public transport, open the door, post free hand when a woman gets out of the car, help dress coat.It is these little things show a woman what a real man in front of her, in front of which the charm is hard to resist.
  7. Be confident.Women are attracted to men, confident in their decisions and actions.
  8. Ray masculinity.Every woman wants to see next to a strong and courageous man, able to take care of her, instead of "mama's son", not even able to defend himself.
  9. Watch for their appearance.Women like well-groomed and well-dressed men.But at the same time, avoid excess.You have to look good on the background of a woman, but no better than her.
  10. Be reliable.For women, it is important that a man can at any time to help, she can rely on him in a difficult situation.

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How to please a woman, that you are not interested

If a woman is clearly makes it clear that she was not interested in you, do not despair.Follow our advice and maybe it will change his mind.

For starters, try to get into one company with a woman that you are interested in.If you manage to please friends lady, she will look at you from the other side.In addition, the hanging will allow you to show all its advantages.

If a woman does not see in you a man who could love, try to be a good friend to her.Share her interests, support in difficult times, spend more time together.A lot of stories of love begins with friendship.The main thing is not to miss the moment and just admit that you alone of friendship is not enough.

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