How to understand a woman ?

How to understand a woman ?

«It's impossible," you exclaim, after reading the title and, in part, will be right.After all, to understand the female half of humanity at times very difficult.Sometimes even they themselves do not understand.On this subject goes mass of anecdotes.And every man knows that the woman's logic - is the lack of any logic ... But, do not despair.If a girl for the tenth time to change his mind, and you stay guilty in this situation and just can not understand what's the matter, the following tips for you.The first thing to remember once and for all languages ​​spoken by men and women are very different.And do not amuse themselves with the hope that it will understand itself.Just imagine that she was Spanish, and you - the Chinese.Therefore, to understand it, we must, of course, to learn the language in which it expresses itself.Well, or at least try.Let's discuss a couple of sentences that tell us how to understand a woman.

conversation with a woman

phrase "Honey, talk to me ..." For men, the conversation - this is nothing, as a way of sharing information.For women - simply an end in itself and a pleasure.When two friends are going to meet and talk nice, they do not even specify what, because they themselves do not know.When such a proposal to hear a man, he falls into a state of complete bewilderment."What is it to say, and how to understand what he wants this woman?" - This is the first thing that flashes through his mind."Maybe she wants to hear, how was my day?Or just tell her which way is better to catch roach ... "The man, of course, aware that these topics are alien to his woman.Maybe so, but if she loves you, the topics are not important to her.She will enjoy just by your communication, for no particular purpose.Take it as a given.Because you do not get a substitute for conversation performing some action.Even if you will nail a shelf, repair the microwave or cook dinner with seven courses, with no intimate conversations, no woman would believe that she was actually the way you.

As women manipulate men

«We need to speak with you ..." And this phrase tells a completely different story.Women often use such ambiguous structures for handling the opposite sex.When a man hears the following: "We need to have a serious talk with you.I do not know how to start, but I have, since I was very worried ... "- he frantically begins to touch in the head moments in which he thought he could be guilty.But, paradoxically, in the 99% we will talk about what the child should be given to the dance, or take my mother to the country dresser.Who do you think that women are not able to properly express their thoughts and accents in the right places?I hasten to upset you ... just beautiful women psychologists.They know that after such a disturbing start, the man relieved, will be happy to fulfill any of their request.Such is harmless but very effective technique.

Compliments woman

«I am not beautiful" ... Well, it's already a classic.And I think that every man knows how to understand what he wants a woman who complains about his appearance.Just hug her and assured in the reverse.Perhaps she simply bad mood (for example, on the way home, she was rude in the bus), and maybe she wants a new dress or simply to Turkey ... Tell her that she have the most beautiful, and then tell me more ... Moreover, ityou really beautiful, otherwise you were not with her.

«You do not love me" ... When a man hears the like, keep calm it's not easy.But remember, women love to complicate and dramatize.They believe that so interesting to live and communicate.She certainly knows that you can not just take it out of love.Maybe the street rain or sleet, which drives her into a depression, and she just wants to hear from you that you love her, or something nice.Chance and another option: you have not noticed a new dress or a stylish haircut, which she has done for you.Therefore, just be more closely.

How do you know a pregnant woman

all complicated, if your wife is pregnant.How do you know a pregnant woman?Can they understand it, and what to do for this?It turns out that not only possible, but moreover, is necessary.You think that your favorite replaced.If your wife before himself was calm, then now may be offended by suschuyu fines and night sobbed into my pillow.And, then, as if nothing had happened, to return to its normal state.You need to understand that now at your wife a difficult period in his life, and blame the hormones that cause sudden mood change and increased sensitivity.What can you do in this situation?First of all - stay calm.Compensate nervousness wife of his judgment.Pay more attention to it, to exercise maximum care.And remember that all this will not last forever.

During pregnancy, a woman, more than ever, needs your affection.Most often ask her questions about her state of health, ask how it behaves a little (especially in the last stages, when it is already moving full and worried mother), talking with a small stroke the belly ... In general, give the expectant mother and the baby the most of your time.

This is just a small part of the knowledge on the subject - how to understand a woman.But all in your hands, learn, explore, comprehend new secrets and improve your relationship.And the last.Pregnant or your woman yet, she always needs your support and protection.The best thing you can do for her is to try to understand it.After all, understanding - this is important in family relations.

Love one another and be happy!