How to become a woman?

How to become a woman?

Each woman will sooner or later think about how to become better.We are beginning to follow the diet, gym, as well as looking for a ton of information on reincarnation.We'll talk about how to become a woman.

real woman: who is she?

First we need to grasp the fact that this woman is not born, but becomes it.And get it in order to be happy in your personal life and success at work.

If you are willing to work on yourself, you have patience and start to strive for the ideal.


First of all a real woman should have the taste and personal style.It must be well-groomed, because the people around them especially appreciate the picture.In addition, if a woman knows that she is attractive and well dressed, then she has the confidence and self-esteem increases.

  • Work on your way, you can even come up with its own flavor, for example, pick up interesting accessories or parts catchy toilet;
  • Do not forget about skin care, nails and hair.Make regular nourishing and rejuvenating mask, and if possible, visit beauty salons;
  • Spend 10 minutes daily morning exercises.Once a week, use of the gym or the swimming pool;
  • watch your diet, give up smoking and alcohol;
  • To work is also required on the walk: it has to be assured, as they say "from the hip" with his head and straightened his shoulders.

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fragile nature

Women's attractiveness in the concept of man - this vulnerability, fragility and grace.Very few of these men who like "strong" women.For men, it is important to be dominant in this area and be able to protect the half.But this fact does not mean that you can not have some female power and authority.You can, but these features should be used only in the right direction, for example, in the work, and let the strong floor opportunity to be an advocate at the man.


Every man dreams of a woman who in any problem situation would be reasonable.The wise woman, the happier her life.

In the heart of a woman should be no negative feelings.All the problems and disputes, it decides by a simple conversation.

ability to love

This woman knows how to truly love.It shows a man his love, devotion and care through words and deeds.

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To be a woman and not get bogged down in domestic affairs, the woman must have its own range of interests and be versatile personality.Get a hobby that will give pleasure to you and distract from the routine.For example, sign up for ballroom dancing or singing lessons and give classes three days a week.


real woman - it is not only well-groomed and wise woman, but also a great hostess, who is able to keep the house clean and tidy.In addition, it always strives to make its nest cozy and comfortable.

becoming a real woman, you not only will find inner harmony, and become truly happy.

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How to become self-sufficient woman

Currently, many women want to be not only confident but also independent.It comes from the fact that there is a great desire to make their own decisions in difficult situations.

In order to avoid any dependence on other people, you need to arrange his personal life.For independence enough to be beautiful and intelligent, it is required to have a strong spirit and possess such qualities that will help to achieve the desired.

To become self-sufficient need to follow a few simple rules

  • Learn to love yourself;
  • Watch for their appearance;
  • Do not envy other people;
  • Do not put yourself above others;
  • Respect other people;
  • Be honest with yourself.

And remember that the self-sufficient woman always has a goal in life.Put yourself certain goals for the day, week or month, and strive to implement them.