How do I know what a girl wants ?

How do I know what a girl wants ?

Recognize for playfully flirtatious behavior or deliberately modest girl her relationship to a man is very difficult.And even discussed in fashion magazines advice on non-verbal cues of female sympathy is not always useful, for one thing - the theory, and quite another - a practice.We will talk about how to actually behave interested ladies man.

How do you know that you like girls

Contrary to stereotypes, not every woman will be able to openly flirt with the still unfamiliar to her man.Many ladies are shy, even just open view toward liked men, not to mention the fact that the first to speak.In addition, it is believed that the first step is to make it exactly, but because the girl waited patiently, when it happens.Only after the successful introduction done, communicating and moved to the stage of lightness and ease, she could more lucidly show their desires.

to early in the relationship to know what he wants the girl, the guy is just watching her, trying to discern in her behavior cherished a spark of sympathy.

  • girl throws at you interested views, but seeing the response from your side view, quickly change the focus on objects located in the vicinity - afraid to give your interest.
  • Dame, which is pleasant man, will be pleased to support a conversation with him.The only exceptions are cases when the girl is very well mannered and extremely delicate - this will be welcomed with a smile even to communicate with a man who she did not care as a potential lover.
  • If you like women, she willingly let you into their intimate space - a distance of up to 40-45 cm from the body, which is at an unconscious level, man perceives as an extension of your own body..Make as if by chance a couple of steps toward the girl - if she does not recoil, then takes you to extremely positive.
  • smile can also serve as a good signal of sympathy, especially if it is accompanied by an intriguing look straight in the eye.
  • girl gives you the ability to manage it.The psychology of women is arranged in such a way that at first, trying to place the man to itself, it will seek to emulate the man, as if to follow him.Ask the lady to drink a particular drink, change table, a walk in one direction or another, privacy away from the crowds in order to communicate in a more intimate setting.All agreed - so I want to please you.By the way, the willingness to stay with you one-on-one - is also very bright sign that a woman like you.

How do you know if a girl wants to meet

tips described above will help to define a general attitude of the girl for you.But to find out whether she wants a romantic relationship with you, it will be possible only after some time, after meeting.

If the first communication went very well, ask for a girl's phone number to be able to phone with her the other day and make an appointment.If she will not give up - this is a very good sign.Then, most likely, will be followed by a stormy correspondence via sms and messages in social networks, as well as trips to the cinema, cafes, a park and other places, to the traditions candy buketnogo period relationships.Try to periodically take a lady's hand, priobnimat waist, shoulders, as if by chance to correct hair.If she responds to it positively, responding to a playful smile and flirty look, then everything is going to love story.

escorting her home once again, try to kiss her.As to whether she would agree, as well as by how passionate kiss is, it will be possible to know if a girl wants to have sex with you.

If she turns away quickly, pretending not to notice your rush, and do not express the desire to kiss and in the following days of meetings, most of all, she only sees you as a friend.But just in case it will be possible to clarify this point, directly asking the lady about it - you're all the same are no longer strangers, then embarrassed.

When she openly flirts

Blatant discreet coquetry intelligence can even recognize the most ignorant in the love affairs of young people.Straight straight look, charming smile, playful winding curl on her finger, demonstrating the beauty figure and legs, as if by accident touch - all this gives the desire liberated ladies get acquainted with a man.

whether to go on such a relationship?Of course, yes, if you want to spend the evening or perhaps the next few months.However, keep in mind that such a girl-queen of men's hearts, as a rule, perfectly know their value and are able to control the relationship.And because love affairs with them are not always so simple, easy and positive as you would like.

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