As castrated cats ?

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As castrated cats?

Many people give birth to a kitten.But after a while the fluffy kitten turns into an adult cat, and here the problems begin: the cat marks territory, begins to meow loudly and constantly in search of cats.To avoid all this, you can neutered cat.

Castration cats

Many interesting to see how castrated cats.They must have hurt?Maybe a little hurt after, after all, and that the operation and conduct it in a veterinary clinic.Cat spend incisions in the scrotum, and then impose special clips on the spermatic cord.And only then removed the testicles.The operation was carried out on the castration of the animal under anesthesia, the animal will not feel pain during surgery.Castration, according to veterinarians, is not harmful to the health of cats.The duration of the life of castrated cats is greater than their counterparts who did not carry out such an operation.

you can see how the castrated cats - video, to know exactly how is this procedure and what to expect of your pet.Neutered cats typically eight to ten months.Castration should be done before the cat mating, or even after castration he would worry and look for the cat.Sometimes, castration carried out too early can lead to a breach in health, so relative to the time of castration your pet should consult with a specialist.This is due to the fact that each kitten develops differently.Before surgery, your pet should be examined by a veterinarian.Advance should spend treatment of parasites and possible infections.Before the operation, the cat should be to buy a special shampoo.Before the operation for 12 hours does not give the animal food.

worth deal looks like a castrated cat?The cat after surgery looks sluggish, it seems lazy and clumsy.The general state of the cat is characterized by a weakness.All of this should be attributed to the effects of anesthesia.It should not be disturbed for several hours after the surgery.Cat takes some time to recover.You should pay special attention to the care of the cat, which has undergone this operation.After surgery the cat castration should follow the diet of your pet, and in any case it does not overfeed.By drinking large quantities of food, the cat may start to put on weight, which is observed in some cats after castration operation.

Behavior neutered cats

Yet the behavior of neutered cats, what is their behavior?After neutering, the cats are peaceful and friendly.Cats no longer mark territory and seek to find the cat.After the operation, a castrated cat is completely retained the instinct of a hunter.He will continue to chase after butterflies, and may even catch a mouse.Your cat will be softer and kinder, to be clean and healthy.Castrated cats do not show aggression, no longer enjoy life and show their love for you.