Whether the cat neutered ?

plant kitten many simply do not know that it will not always be pretty, fluffy and fun.But when he grows up, nature take its course, and the cat will go at night to look for the cat, as well as the apartment is its territory, it will mark her mercilessly.And this smell, it is unlikely to please the owners, and they will not long tolerate such behavior, and sooner or later will wonder what it might be worth neutered cat?Conception, most people do not even have a general idea about how the operation goes, and what are its implications for the animal?Therefore, delaying castration at a later date, yet perfect age to carry it out is 9 months.

Features castration cat

Cat Neutering is a routine operation, during which the cats are removed from the sex glands, and as a result they have terminated the reproductive function and development of male sex hormones.It can be done at any age, but the optimal age for its implementation - this is the beginning of puberty, namely, 9 months, when the cat is already quite fully grown, but have not had any mating.If you do not have time to castrate him before this period, the question arises whether it is possible to neuter a cat at an older age, and how it can affect their behavior?If the cat neutered at 9 months of age, then you do not know what the labeling area and cries under the windows at night.But when a cat has been mating 100% guarantee that it will not be labeled with furniture and corners can not be given.But it will not be aggressive and not be abolished yell at night, and go in search of the cat.Many owners believe that castration involves a risk, but it is not greater than the risk when removing the tooth.It is worth knowing that the castration of the category of simple operations and does not affect vital organs.A neutered male cat is living much longer, living to advanced age, and while maintaining playful and cheerful character, as they are much less likely to get sick.Many wonder whether it is possible most neutered cat?Self should not carry out such an operation, since it requires sterility, and it can properly carry out only a veterinarian.

Care cat

It should be noted that the cat after castration does not require special care.It will be necessary to maintain it after anesthesia, and surrounded by attention and affection and make sure that he did not fall from the chair or couch.To a cat then there was no obesity and kidney stones, you should constantly monitor his diet, namely, to restrict to a minimum the fish, and not to overfeed him and make sure that the pet has consumed more liquid.Now that you know whether you need to neuter the cat, in your case or not.