How to unscrew a candle ?

How to unscrew a candle ?

How to unscrew the spark plug in a car on their own, if no experience?In fact, it is not so difficult.Follow our instructions.

How to unscrew the spark: User

First of all, remove the casing from the outside of the candle.Then disconnect the necessary contacts with our candles, observing safety with electricity.Now you need to clean the landing place candles, there is usually accumulated dirt, dust, rust and other deposits on the metal.We delete this garbage special device in the form of a thin tube that pushes air through the nozzle.It is necessary to nest in the glow candles no dirt.

And only now with an ordinary hexagon proceed to the next stage of work.It may be difficult.For example, the question of how to unscrew a candle glow in the case of chips in the top of the candle, or mechanical damage to the ceramic insulator.Follow a few important tips:

  • sure to use only the special torque wrench for this procedure.This important tool allows you to control the force applied during twisting broken glow plugs.Otherwise, the possible failure of the thread and the overhaul of the engine head block is no longer avoidable.
  • When the key is inserted into the surviving part of the spark plug, it is necessary to rotate smoothly.
  • very important during rotation of the key to send the force exactly perpendicular to the axis itself candles.
  • To understand how to unscrew the broken candle, listen to nature sound emitted.If you hear a rattle at the twisting, then everything is fine, detail beginning to get out.You can continue to further action.
  • If the resistance is reduced, and the candle just rotates, then it may mean that there is a risk of cross threading during further efforts.We need to do the following.Pour into the slot candles solvent, such as WD - 40 and wait 15-20 minutes to the solvent completely cleared thread.How to unscrew the spark plug in this case?We need to continue to rotate the torque wrench carefully in one direction and then in another direction.

Of course, all these operations must be done when the engine is cold, as the solvent evaporates quickly when the engine is hot.In addition, the hot aluminum cylinder head has the ability to greatly expand that at times increases the resistance in polluted thread when unscrewing the spark plugs.

When unscrewing the spark plug broke, the remains of candles you want to insert a suitable bolt size.How to unscrew the broken candle glow with a bolt?It should press it, to minimize the gap in the cylinder, then scald arc welding.The last step - simply unscrew the broken remains of the spark plug.


If you decide to change the candle glow, being on the road, be sure to follow all the rules of an emergency stop.Make sure that the solvent WA - 40 did not get to heat sources, contacts wiring, battery terminals.Try to keep the solvent did not get into the respiratory tract, eyes, into the esophagus.