How to clean the candle ?

How to clean the candle ?

Let us remember what is needed spark plug in a car engine.They are needed in order to form in the process of switching on the ignition, the spark ignites the fuel mixture in the engine cylinder.Arson the mixture produced by an electric discharge which is formed between the spark plug electrodes, arson the mixture occurs.And the formation of carbon on the spark plugs comes from the low-quality gasoline, which, in turn, interferes with the normal formation of the spark.

Experienced motorists claim that the engine power and efficiency depends on the state of the candle.Dirty spark plugs and cause the "MAKING" engine and makes it difficult to start.

cleaning process

look at how to clean automotive spark.Automotive candles formally apply to consumables.They are easy to replace, but can be repaired, and contact.How to clean the spark knows almost every driver who has the time to care for your four-wheeled friend.

experienced driver can visually determine the health of candles Nagar, without resorting to testing complex expensive equipment.

  • wet black carbon deposits on the spark says that it is "cool" for a given engine.However, increasing the oil level in the crankcase and cylinder wear lead to the same effect.
  • Black dry soot indicates that the load on the engine is insufficient, so the candle again, "cool" the engine of your car.
  • If the cone of white candles, but with traces of melting, then the candle "hot" takes place before ignition of the fuel mixture due to incorrect adjustment of the ignition.

normally functioning spark plug characterized by the absence of soot, and of any traces of melting.Color metal candle varies in bright colors brown or gray.

If the spark plug is working properly, it must be run in stand 25-35tys kilometers.It is recommended to regularly clean the spark, if your car engine is working intensively - annual mileage is more than 15,000 km.If you have mercy on the car engine, or wrap the above rate, producing candles cleaning 2 times a year.

few tips

Do not clean the spark plug with sharp metal objects such as an awl, knife or screwdriver.Since these objects can scratch the insulator spark that often leads to a rapid formation of soot.

To perform this manipulation, use a brush with fine hairs of steel, small wooden or plastic plates.But there is another way to clean the spark - the chemical cleaning option, it is the best.Here's how to clean the spark plug by chemical method.To do this:

  • Degrease candle in gasoline and dry it.
  • Dip candles in a 20% solution of ammonium acetate and simmer on low heat for about 30 minutes.Or keep them in solution to 90 ° C.
  • boil candles, clean them caproic or any stiff brush, rinse thoroughly with warm water and make drying.

conduct such procedures better in a room that is well ventilated, or on the street.Since ammonium acetate during boiling off vapors of acetic acid, which is not recommended to inhale.

wash and dry the spark plug, adjust gap, which is located between the electrodes.You achieve the desired size of the gap can be carefully bending the side electrode.

current gap to be measured then.To do this we need a cylindrical probe.If the spark plug is worn, the electrode on the side there is a recess, which is defined by flat probe is difficult.And as a result, an erroneous gap size is determined.

Now you know how to properly clean the spark plug without the involvement of outside help.Good luck!