Which spark plug is better?

Which spark plug is better?

Winners diesel cars this question does not bother, but petrol engines "make" their owners to wonder what the spark plug is better to choose from the variety and diversity which exists at all.By the way, before you speak, what good spark plugs, which are not, we need to understand what are the general and what has caused the creation of these types of candles.

Spark plugs: top quality

Let's start with the fact that we consider the types of spark plugs, as well as some general points that are important in the selection of candles for your car.

Types of spark plugs, which is better?

platinum, iridium, yttrium, and even silver spark plug can be found on the shelves of autos.

In general, one can distinguish two types of candles on the basis of their use for the production of the material.This classic and platinum spark plugs.

  1. electrodes classic spark plugs are made mostly of copper.However, some of them are spraying (top coat) of fairly rare metal (eg, yttrium).Such a coating can increase the stability of a few candles, but not particularly affect other features of the part.
  2. second type - platinum spark, the name speaks for itself.Electrodes such candles are made of platinum, which makes them more stable in terms of exposure to high temperatures (you know the importance, the temperature of the burning fuel mixture at the outbreak may reach 2-2.5 thousand degrees Celsius).Platinum also has high corrosion resistance.Incidentally, platinum can be made and lateral electrodes (except the central one).As a rule, use similar spark plugs in engines equipped with turbo-superchargers.Platinum electrodes practically do not burn, and therefore not difficult to understand what the spark plug is better with regard to their material.

As regards the construction of the spark plug, it is also possible to distinguish two main types:

  1. two-electrode.This is a classic kind of spark plugs, where there is one central and one lateral electrode.In such candles spark extends only between the two electrodes.What we can assume the outcome?The gradual burnout and low reliability: if one breaks down the side of the electrode, the spark, of course, is already unusable.
  2. multi-electrode spark plugs.We have few if one side of the central electrode.Based on the descriptions of two-electrode spark it is clear that this kind of set up to increase the reliability and service life of the candle.Again, decide for yourself what a good spark plug.Those that will last us longer and better.

Spark plugs: select the correct

There are plenty of spark plug manufacturers, different companies, different countries.What to choose from this set?Which spark plug is better?Should we focus on the brand?

We will not do advertising and anti-advertising, we highlight the general parameters of the choice of spark plugs.Criteria for selection, based on logic and reason.On this basis, and you will realize what a good spark plug, that is what - branded, and what - fake.

price.You understand that the good spark plug will not be too cheap, low price you should be cause for concern.Not less than $ 100 apiece.It is not the bare words "the more expensive the better", but in the rationale.We talked above about the kinds of candles, you know that copper and platinum, as materials, have a different price.But what to choose, you decide.

Printing.Quality labels, drawings, soldering are also important when choosing a spark plug.Also, smooth and neat inscription on the insulator.Decent producer does not allow errors, even in this.Can you imagine what the quality of the candles offer a manufacturer with flawless execution of such trifles as graffiti.

central electrode.Very inspect it.He must not have any defects must be mounted level and be right cylindrical shape.

side electrode.Usually a cheap knockoff have crooked side electrode delivered either slash its faces, which is unacceptable.

code on the hexagon of the spark plug to distinguish real from fake candle.This code will denote the party, it is clear that the counterfeiting of such a code would not be.

thread.Good spark plugs those with perfect surface of the thread without any chipping characteristic of fakes.

O-ring on this (original) spark plug can not be removed, while forging the ring can simply twist.

insulator.Besides the fact that the inscription on it should be smooth and neat, note that this spark plug insulator as smooth as watered glaze.Roughness, longitudinal projections will issue a fake.