How to get pregnant after birth control ?

How to get pregnant after birth control ?

women taking contraceptives, often wonder: is it possible to get pregnant after birth control pills?We will answer at once: you can.But how to get pregnant after birth control?


Today any obstetrician will tell you that there is no need to stop taking contraceptives, long before pregnancy, as advised earlier.One should not, of course, and to interrupt the use of tablets is not finishing his them to the end, because of this can completely upset the hormonal balance.It makes more sense to drink tablets available in the package, then wait one cycle, and only then begin to implement his plan.

ahead of time, do not panic

Do not despair if pregnancy does not occur immediately.After all, according to statistics, the probability of getting pregnant after birth control pills have only 25 women bonds 100. Only 25 of these pregnancies occur during the first month.At 66 per cent - for six months, from 80 - to t 9 months, 85 months, 12, 96 - after 18 months.So, no panic, no rush things not worth it.And someone and does not interfere with patience.

How do birth control pills?

order to reassure those who do not fall in the number of 25 women who get pregnant after birth control pills within the first month, we recall the mechanism of action of these same pills.The fact that their host ovarian activity is suppressed, which prevents ovulation.At the end of the reception contraceptives functioning ovaries gradually restored.Ovulation.And a woman can get pregnant again.

Be careful

If after receiving contraceptive menstrual cycle becomes irregular, it may indicate that you have it earlier, even before receiving the contraceptive was such at that you just were not paying attention.In such cases, you should consult a doctor.

If after discontinuation of contraceptive you access to a doctor about gynecological or infectious diseases, it must first, of course, be treated, and only six months after the end of the treatment plan pregnancy