Why is not pregnant?

Why is not pregnant?

In the life of almost every adult sooner or later there comes a time when it starts to feel distinctly in his soul some inner readiness to become a parent.But sometimes it also happens that is already fully matured mentally and financially to becoming parents, some couples for several years unsuccessfully trying to have a baby, and then the question is why there is no pregnancy, it is extremely urgent for them.Moreover, the desire to have a baby at times becomes an obsession, and the inability to implement it is an occasion for numerous family scandals and recriminations.

But do not immediately appoint a partner guilty of this delicate problem, because in fact the possible reasons that could not become pregnant, there is quite a lot.Here are the main ones.

main reasons for childlessness

Previously, if the family did not have children, this has always been accused only woman.In fact guilty of this situation can be any of the spouses, modern science knows many forms of male infertility.Moreover, according to statistics, only 40% of cases of infertility reason lies in female infertility, husbands are also the originators of infertility in 45% of couples without children.The remaining 15% of cases the cause of infertility is the incompatibility of husband and wife organisms, the so-called immunological childlessness.

no particular reason to worry, if you regularly have sex for three to four months, and all the pregnancy does not occur.Getting pregnant on their wedding night can not every woman, according to statistics, even after a month of constant labor "in the field of love," but only a quarter of young couples unable to conceive a child.But if you lead a healthy lifestyle and have regular sexual relations over the years, and pregnant and can not, then you have a reason to think about why this is happening.In order to establish the cause of what is happening, it is necessary to address to experts and to pass the necessary examination.

begin trek to the doctors with a better husband, because as we said above, the "culprits" Childless men are more likely.In addition, to begin her husband will need to make only one analysis - semen analysis, which is done simply, quickly, and it costs very little and need much more time (and funds, too) for an examination of his wife.

Causes of male infertility

  • In the case where the male testes do not produce the right amount of sperm produced or when the sperm have any structural defects or when impaired mobility, a man diagnosed with secretory form of infertility.The reason for such violations can be diseases such as varicocele, cryptorchidism, hydrocele or transferred before mumps (aka piggy).In addition, an adverse effect on spermatogenesis of prolonged stress, vitamin deficiency, alcoholism, high temperature, some medications, poor diet, lack of sleep and constant radiation exposure.
  • In the event that a violation of cross-ejaculatory channels in men diagnosed with obstructive form of infertility.

If you visit the urologist and andrologist not bring negative results, ie. E. The diagnosis of male infertility has not been confirmed, then there is the wife should contact the antenatal clinic and undergo a complete examination there.

reasons for female infertility

  • inflammatory diseases of the genital organs and diseases, sexually transmitted diseases;
  • gynecological diseases - polycystic ovaries, uterine fibroids, endometriosis;
  • various menstrual disorders caused by hormonal disruptions;
  • congenital anatomical defects in the structure of the genital organs;
  • bilateral obstruction of the fallopian tubes;
  • many other diseases and deviations, which can only identify an experienced gynecologist.

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