How to define pregnancy without tests ?

How to define pregnancy without tests ?

Any woman who is interested in this issue, wants to find an answer as soon as possible.The reasons for this are different.Someone mere suspicion of this cause panic.Someone with trepidation waits for a positive response.To define pregnancy without tests there are many methods.

Signs of pregnancy

After conception a woman's body begins to change.Under the influence of hormones, he is preparing for a long period of gestation of the child.Therefore, we consider the basic signs of a pregnancy.

  • mental status changes.The possibility of cutting irritability, and sometimes complete apathy.
  • are changing food preferences.In the future mother can increase the appetite and desire to eat something sour and salty.
  • Nausea.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Chest increases.The nipples become hypersensitive.
  • delay menstruation.The most important attribute for a woman who previously had a regular cycle.But sometimes it happens that a delay may cause a lot of stress, or taking any medication.

judge the pregnancy on certain grounds unwise.If you notice more than three symptoms, the probability of pregnancy is increased.

Determining pregnancy basal temperature

measurement of basal body temperature is the most accurate way to define pregnancy without tests.

For this method it is very important for a woman to know about the features of their cycle and regular measurement of basal body temperature.

the menstrual cycle in women comprise two phases.In the first phase of the basal temperature is low and does not exceed 37 degrees.During the second phase, which follows ovulation basal temperature is higher than 37 degrees.

female menstrual cycle usually lasts 28 days and the duration of the phases is 14 days.

duration of the second phase is more constant.Therefore, if the high temperature of the second phase lasts three days more than usual increases the chance of pregnancy.

To determine a pregnancy without the test, it is necessary to listen to your body.Note the changes in sensation, reaction to external stimuli and, of course, is to measure the basal temperature.