Can you get pregnant the week before menstruation ?

Can you get pregnant the week before menstruation ?

become pregnant at any day, before menstruation, after menstruation, and even during.Getting pregnant can be at any unprotected sexual intercourse.You can get pregnant and one week prior to menstruation, if you are not protected, especially if the menses come irregularly.This may depend on the emotional state of women, climate change, fatigue, illness, antibiotics, disease, particularly because of colds.

Why can conceive

Thus, you can not calculate, when the long-awaited "a week before menstruation can be."It is generally believed that the security of 2-3 days before the onset of menstruation and menstruation itself directly, but doctors are confident, and there are lots of cases that get pregnant the day before menstruation and during menstruation can.

question of whether it is possible to get pregnant during menstruation, does not bother those who do not have sex during menstruation.Many women during menstruation increases the sensitivity and libido increases, so refrain from sex during menstruation, he can not.Most gynecologists against having sex during menstruation.They attribute this to the high probability of contracting infectious diseases as a woman's body during this period of weakened immunity and ponizhen.Takzhe can get inflammation of the uterine appendages or becauseduring menstruation in the cervix is ‚Äč‚Äčopen, respectively, into the risk of infection increases penetration.But each situation should be considered individually.If you have a permanent partner, and he is not sick infectious diseases, the sex during menstruation can.

But if you are with a partner is not planning a pregnancy, to protect themselves need care, because the sperm remain active for another week after the fall of the vagina and the egg ripens at any time (until the middle of the cycle, or after it), respectively, ovulationshifts.We conclude that you can get pregnant the week before menstruation, during menstruation and after them.Moreover, if for any reason your cycle moved forward or, on the contrary, monthly have begun before, beware: you may become pregnant before and during menstruation.

also very high chance of getting pregnant in women whose cycle is irregular constantly.Theoretically gynecologists believe that ovulation occurs on the second or third day of the menstrual cycle.However, having an irregular cycle, it is called an individual.It should be understood that ovulation is likely to appear as well as a cycle later or earlier than the middle of menstruation.

In general, the probability of pregnancy in the last days of menstruation.At the beginning of menstruation is almost impossible to conceive, since separation of blood are abundant, and this environment is very unfavorable for sperm.In recent days, impaired sperm viability cycle increases, respectively, increases the chances of getting pregnant during this period.

main symptoms of pregnancy

If intercourse was unprotected, then you can get pregnant any day of the month.Signs of pregnancy are indirect and explicit.If you are still pregnant one week before menstruation or during it, the next menstruation does not occur.This is the first indirect sign.Confirm pregnancy pregnancy test or ultrasound of the uterus.More about pregnancy occurs prompt nausea in the morning, sensitivity to odors, loss of consciousness.This is also indirect evidence, they appear at 3-4 weeks of gestation.A clear sign of pregnancy - directly fertilized egg in the uterus.This can ensure the uterus by ultrasound.It accurately identifies the presence of an intrauterine pregnancy.