How to determine pregnancy in the home ?

How to determine pregnancy in the home ?

If your main idea now - to determine whether or not you are pregnant, and to go to the doctor for some reason is not possible, do not worry, because how to determine pregnancy in the home is possible.Just remember that a positive result will still have to visit a gynecologist.So be honest with you, after all domestic methods for the determination of pregnancy is very primitive and very conditional.Reliable information will give a doctor and ultrasound.

Determine pregnancy without test: how

definition of pregnancy without a test - a so-called passive method, involving the monitoring of women for the organism, changes that can accompany pregnancy.Let's start with the obvious signs, which usually pay attention.

  1. The very first thing you notice - the presence of a delay monthly, especially if the cycle has been generally stable.However, remember that and the ensuing pregnancy may continue to discharge.
  2. Morning sickness often accompanies pregnancy.This is most pronounced symptom, but is also conditional.
  3. swelling of the mammary glands.It so happens that even painful to touch, chest increases slightly during pregnancy.Nipples are the most sensitive, can change the color.Pain in the chest are normal during pregnancy, but if you feel local pain, especially in one breast, seek medical attention immediately.
  4. Changing taste preferences, to the point that the woman would like mustard ice cream.There may be an aversion to the familiar, even pet food.During pregnancy is hormonal changes, the whole hormonal storm, what are its consequences, can only anticipate.
  5. Excessive sleepiness may indicate that your body needs extra rest, because its energy is now spent on another body, growing.
  6. Frequent urination.If there are no signs of cystitis, the frequent urination may occur during pregnancy.
  7. measurement of basal body temperature.As a rule, in the first month of pregnancy the increase in basal body temperature is observed.Check your temperature every morning, not getting out of bed, always use a thermometer (preferably mercury, it is more accurate).Check the temperature should be in the anus or vagina (not in the armpit).

But all these signs and symptoms are very conditional, after all, the delay periods, and nausea, and breast tenderness may occur not only because of pregnancy.So how to determine pregnancy in the home?We now turn to direct action, active methods of determining pregnancy.

Determine Pregnancy:

test With test also can determine pregnancy at home.You buy in a drugstore pregnancy test, preferably several (three from different manufacturers) and do it strictly according to instructions.In determining the pregnancy with a test, remember the following rules:

  • test is done in a week (at least) after the alleged sexual act that could result in a pregnancy.Previously, just do not make sense.
  • do the test with the morning, the first urine, before a meal, as soon arise.
  • Only use clean containers to collect urine.
  • Make a few tests for authenticity.
  • Strictly follow the instructions of your test.Different tests are different application technology.

Well, then you probably know: two strips - rather, you are pregnant.Now make sure your doctor.One strip - probably no pregnancy.Probably, because anything can happen, and tests can be wrong.

We told how to determine pregnancy at home.This conventional method, accurate information you will only be able to give the doctor after the safe and absolutely painless procedures.