Can I get pregnant before menstruation ?

Can I get pregnant before menstruation ?

question often interested in women - whether it is possible to get pregnant before menstruation?And these women can pursue two different objectives.The first did not want the pregnancy, but the desire to relax and have sex without contraception.The second, on the contrary, want to become pregnant and are looking for this is the right time.Paradoxically, despite the large number of women with an unwanted pregnancy, becoming pregnant is difficult.In this article we take a closer look at the possibility of pregnancy before menstruation.

menstrual cycle and pregnancy

Every woman once and for all should remember one proven fact of science - there are no days that give one hundred percent confident that you will not get pregnant!But the different periods of the menstrual cycle give different chances for pregnancy.So is it possible to get pregnant before menstruation? ..

Let us briefly consider the mechanism of the menstrual cycle.It is divided into four phases.The first phase is associated with menstruation.In healthy women it lasts from three to seven days.Menstruation occurs because the time is not fertilized egg should be removed from the body.Also, a small layer of the lining of the uterus is removed.A characteristic feature of this phase - bleeding from the vagina.At a time when there is a removal of non-viable egg is almost impossible to conceive, since this egg is not fertilized, and the new is not ready.

next period comes soon.It is connected with the preparation for the next egg and can begin when the month is not yet over.As a result of several biological processes, is born a new egg.This together with the previous period is approximately 14 days.A woman is more likely to get pregnant at this time.

third phase - ovulation.It is especially wary of those who do not want to get pregnant, and vice versa, for the dream to become a mother is not a better time to find.Ovulation - this output is ready to fertilize the egg in the fallopian tubes and the expectation of the sperm.It lasts very long period - just 12-48 hours.Then the egg is unable to conceive, and there comes the fourth phase.

During this period, there is a preparation for menstruation.Certain hormones that supported the uterus in a state suitable for gestation, no longer work.Again, a certain amount of exfoliate the lining of the uterus.When the training is completed, the menstrual phase comes again.Last 6-10 days before menstruation are the most safe for unprotected sex.Getting pregnant before menstruation is difficult, but possible!Therefore, if you do not want an unwanted pregnancy, you should always be protected, even at this time.After all, a woman's body changes may occur, which she does not even know!Findings from the observations of the female body to confirm this:

  • You do not fit the calendar method of birth control if you have irregular menstrual cycles.To protect themselves in this way, the cycle should be as accurate clock: month should begin and end after a certain number of days as in the previous cycle.
  • on women's reproductive health is largely influenced by the external environment.Sleep, food, work, physical activity, psychological state - all this in his own way affects the menstrual cycle.Failures may occur, and the phases can be displaced.So you can safely become pregnant before menstruation.
  • a known fact that every woman can occasionally be formed not one, but two new eggs.If the first time can not be fertilized, the latter can make it and thus survive longer.Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that a woman becomes pregnant after ovulation and before menstruation.