How do you know without a test that she was pregnant ?

How do you know without a test that she was pregnant ?

Learn pregnant woman or not, you can not use the test, which is available in pharmacies.This will require to observe his body, or use one of the proven methods listed below.

Signs of Pregnancy Pregnancy

women not asymptomatic.About her many signs indicate, among which:

  • basal temperature.If a woman is raised, it is most likely a woman is pregnant.
  • absence of menstruation.When in the womb fertilization has occurred, then the month do not come in time.Of course, for many women this period of waiting is transformed into a torture.And here should pay attention to other features.They are listed in the article - Is it possible to find out about the pregnancy before the delay.
  • Frequent pain.When a woman is in position, it may be observed, both in the lumbar region is constantly aches and abdomen from time to time there are spasms.
  • Poor health.After fertilization, the egg begins the body in large quantities to produce progesterone.It negatively affects state of health and psyche of women.She may experience lethargy, drowsiness, fatigue and irritability.
  • excessive vaginal discharge.In pregnant women during the first week of the amount of bleeding, which are odorless, and color is greatly increased.
  • Decreased or increased libido.When a woman is in a position, then it is quite often due to hormonal changes a jump of libido in either direction.

also common signs of pregnancy include nausea in the morning, changing the taste habits and breast tenderness.

Pets methods for determining pregnancy

There are several proven ways that will reveal a pregnancy test without:

  • in container, pour a small amount of fresh urine.There drip iodine.If it is for a few minutes to remain on the surface of the urine, then you are in position, and if a drop of just flow away, it means that fertilization has not occurred.
  • Wet urine white sheet of paper.On it drip iodine.If it will change its color to blue, the baby you do not expect, and if on lilac or purple, you are pregnant.
  • utreshnyuyu Mix urine with white wine in the same proportion.If liquid curdle and become muddy, then you are not pregnant.If it remains transparent, it means that the egg fertilization occurred.
  • in small banks make a weak solution of potassium permanganate-based.It should have a light pink hue.There add a little fresh morning urine.When it flakes can talk about the pregnancy with confidence.If the solution becomes pale yellow with no precipitate, the conception of a child has not occurred.

If you decide to take advantage of all the test, sold in pharmacies, remember that it does not always show correct results.The reasons for this may be several.With them you can read in this article - I'm pregnant, but the test is negative.