How do you know without a pregnancy test?

How do you know without a pregnancy test?

Pregnancy - the most exciting time for women.Many women are interested in how to find out about her pregnancy without the test.To do this, observe its condition, to measure the basal temperature, use the folk ways, or visit the doctor.

Signs of pregnancy

Identify pregnancy without the use of the test can be on the following grounds:

  • Nausea in the morning - the most common symptom that is easy to see.
  • month delay - so the body signals that fertilization has occurred (but in some cases this may be due to the hormonal failure or severe stress).
  • Feeling sleepy - this symptom occurs during pregnancy because the body begins to consume more energy in connection with the active development of the fetus.
  • Sudden changes in mood - this symptom is a consequence of hormonal permutations that are sure to occur in pregnant.
  • Increased appetite - during development of the fetus requires more nutrients, so the woman begins to eat more and more at the same time she can also mark the change in taste habits.

Please note that these signs of pregnancy are already observed on the 7th day after conception.

Measure basal temperature

determine whether you are in position, it is possible for the basal temperature.It can be measured at home.It is important to do it in the morning before you get up out of bed.Basal temperature is measured using a standard thermometer in the mouth, rectum or vagina for 5 minutes.To conduct such a procedure, it is desirable for 3-5 days.If all of this period will be increased basal temperature (over 37 degrees), it means you are in position.

Effective folk ways

Check pregnancy test can be without using folk remedies:

  • Take a morning urine in a small container and drip to 1 ml of iodine.If he starts to blur, then the result is positive - you are pregnant.
  • in a glass with urine, place 10 grams of baking soda.If it precipitates, it means that you are expecting a baby.
  • Lie back and relax.Then feel for the place, located on the 7 cm below the belly button, attach the hand and watch a little bit.If you will mark a strong pulsation, it is a sign of pregnancy.

Appeal to professionals

find out whether women in a position to help doctors.So, you can go through ultrasound.With it, you can not only find out whether you are in position, but also to determine the time of pregnancy, if it came.You can also donate blood for tests.If it is present HCG hormone, you certainly are expecting a baby, as it enters the blood only after successful conception.Another option - passing the examination at the gynecologist.This procedure does not take much time.About how it goes, see the article How to determine the gynecologist pregnancy.

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