How do you know that you are pregnant ?

How do you know that you are pregnant ?

Pregnancy - an exciting time for every woman.But sometimes it comes suddenly, as evidenced by a variety of processes occurring in the body.Check that you are in a position to help the main features and special procedures.

How do you know that you're pregnant: the main features

pregnant woman is usually observed in several signs from the list:

  • Fatigue.This condition causes increased progesterone in the body.It may also be accompanied by sleepiness during the day.
  • strong hunger.Many women from the early days of conception point at an increased appetite.It can occur at all stages of pregnancy.
  • swelling breasts.When there was a conception of the fetus, the body immediately begins to prepare for the emergence of the baby.In the breast there are certain processes which in future will allow to carry out the first day of lactation appearance baby into the world.In addition to swelling of the breast, can also mark the sensation of touching the breast.This is also evidenced by pregnancy.
  • pigmentation nipples.If you notice a darkening of halos nipple, there is a high likelihood that you are in position.However, note that this feature may also indicate hormonal disorders.
  • The change in taste preferences.If your favorite foods suddenly become those before you did not like, it is possible that you are pregnant.Such a process in the body often begins when progesterone is produced in large quantities.And this happens precisely at the time when a woman is pregnant.
  • Nausea.Toxicosis - is the most common sign of pregnancy.It usually occurs in the morning, and often accompanied by vomiting.
  • Frequent urination.When begins in utero development of the fetus, it gradually increases in size, resulting in a pressure on the bladder.Therefore, a woman begins to visit the bathroom more frequently.
  • Vertigo.They are usually observed at early gestation and occur throughout the day.
  • absence of menstruation.If you delay menstruation occurs, then you most likely are expecting a baby.

also that you are in a position indicates hung basal temperature.There are other features that will help you understand what you are expecting a baby.About them covered in our article: How do I know you're pregnant.

How do you know that you're pregnant: tests and analyzes

With the help of various procedures can be found that you are pregnant with high probability:

  • Make a home pregnancy test.It can be carried out with the first delay days.But choose this jet testers.They have a special container to collect urine, and thus it is a very simple procedure.In this case it is better to do in the morning, as the time in urine is a huge number of hormones.Two strips indicate the presence of a fertilized egg in the uterus, if the test shows you one strip, then this means that you are not pregnant.However, it is recommended to be safe and to repeat it in a few days.At the same time note that home tests do not show an ectopic pregnancy, and it often occurs in women.Therefore it advised to undergo a gynecological examination along with them.
  • do a blood test.It helps to know exactly you are in the position or not.But note that it is necessary to donate blood to the hormone hCG.It was his presence in the body of evidence of pregnancy.
  • Make ultrasound.Ultrasound examination of the reproductive organs allows the right to determine whether a woman is pregnant.