Do Lie tests for pregnancy ?

Do Lie tests for pregnancy ?

Despite the development of medicine in the modern world, people are often interested in the possible errors that occur in the diagnostic methods.It concerns and rapid tests to determine pregnancy.So, there are several situations in which women wondering whether the tests lie pregnancy.

first situation is peculiar to those girls who do not want to get pregnant at this time.Therefore, they want to know for sure, they are pregnant or not.

second case concerns those women who are on the contrary very much want the baby.If the test shows a negative result, future moms want to know whether the test can lie, if it can still be pregnant.

Trust if a pregnancy test?

possibility that the pregnancy tests may show an incorrect result, exists.Most often there are situations when the test showed a negative result, and he was wrong.Therefore, doctors recommend using multiple tests simultaneously.Less common are cases where the test showed a false positive result.You could even say that this possibility is almost ruled out.This is due to the fact that the hormones responsible for the excretion results in the rapid test, appear only in pregnant women.That is why, if the test shows that a woman is pregnant, then 99% of the way it is.

most reliable pregnancy tests

Most rapid tests do not differ from each other.In recent years, fortunately, scientists have developed ultra-sensitive tests that can be in the early stages up to 99% show result.The cost of such tests were not significantly different from the conventional test, but the accuracy of the above procedure.

Returning to the subject tests cost, it should be noted that the tests are expensive absolutely does not justify its price.Test Quest - show pregnant woman or not.That is why it makes no sense to pay exorbitant prices to get the answer to this question is coveted.

Get 100% reliable result will test for HCG, which is carried out in the laboratory.