How to do a pregnancy test ?

How to do a pregnancy test ?

We write for those who are simply interested and those who are now frantically looking for the answer in this article, how to do a pregnancy test.If you are now in a very stressed state, as the fear of the test results, at least for a moment, try to concentrate.It is necessary to capture all the moments of correct determination of pregnancy by an independent, that is, with the help of a pregnancy test.

Determining pregnancy

  • Let's start with the test purchase.Although, they say a small difference, but it is better to buy a test at the pharmacy, but not in a stall or shop.Even psychologically it seems safer.A psychological condition is now-and naughty.
  • Orienting on not the cheapest.Buy direct 3 test.
  • Check the expiry date.In pharmacies with this strict, but reinsured was not forbidden.

Pregnancy test: the mechanism of action

Indeed, to understand how to do a pregnancy test and get the most accurate results, it is necessary to understand on what basis this effect is the test.Yes, everything in general just.

Once an embryo is implanted in the uterine wall, in blood (and later in the urine) Women placenta begins to produce a hormone - human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).It was his recognition and directed reagents pregnancy test.The reagents react with the hormone that manifests a change in color, occurrence of the dough strip (second strip!).

When doing a pregnancy test

clear that if there was a question about the definition of pregnancy, a woman will do anything to see the result soon.It is difficult to imagine that it will stop.But if you want to understand how to do a pregnancy test correctly, that is closer to the high accuracy of the test, then follow the mind.What is meant.

The same hormone hCG in the short term is present in the urine in very low concentrations.Accordingly, it is more logical to do the test after a week delay.

also hormone levels reach a peak in the morning, so it is best to diagnose immediately after waking up.In addition, the rate is more accurate when you did not use a liquid and not urinated for at least 4 hours.Fluid and diuretics reduce the concentration of urine, which reduces the probability of detecting a hormone test.

Use only fresh urine for the test!

Getting a negative result does not mean a 100% absence of pregnancy.That's why we asked you to buy as many as three tests.If the month does not come, be sure to repeat the test (in the same way) in a few days.

How to do a pregnancy test: instructions

  1. the evening prepare a sterile container (jar) for urine.Utensils should be plastic or glass.
  2. the morning, once stood, go to the bathroom (the bathroom, which is convenient in general), remove the test from the package on the way.Removing the test only immediately before use!
  3. Start to urinate in the toilet first and then collect the urine in a jar.
  4. Dip the test strip into the urine up to the indicated mark.Read the instructions must be drawn even where this mark (indicated by arrows).Keep in urine test for about 10 seconds.
  5. Remove the strip and place on a non-absorbent surface (eg, jars edge).
  6. After 1-5 minutes (10 minutes later), it is usually possible to see the result.

wish you a result!