How to recognize a pregnancy ?

How to recognize a pregnancy ?

Recognize pregnancy to delay possible with the help of the test or pelvic exam.However, it can help to identify other ways.Some of them are shown below.

Implantation bleeding

For most women after 5-7 days after conception there bleeding from the vagina.As a rule, they are not abundant.In some cases they may have a bright red color, and the other - Brown.

Poor health

After conception, the child begins to actively rebuild the body, so a woman can celebrate at fatigue, depression, toxemia.In some cases, it may present diarrhea and dizziness.Often, women have pains in the lower abdomen, which is normally present during menstruation.All these symptoms of pregnancy occur in the early stages.Therefore, a woman is easy to understand that it is in position.

Increased basal temperature

If you regularly measure the basal temperature, it is possible to detect early pregnancy because of it.After all, it is always raised when the uterus begins to grow fruit.

breast tenderness

After conception the baby hormones woman begins to change.As a result of this process is almost always appears in breast tenderness.In addition, often exacerbated sensitivity of the nipple and breast swells.

Analysis hCG

Recognize early pregnancy will help the analysis of hCG, which can be carried out within a week after unprotected intercourse.If the results of this analysis reveals that HCG is a hormone in the blood, it means that you are pregnant.

Traditional methods

Learn about early pregnancy can also help folk ways.They are time-tested and have high reliability.Here are some of them:

  1. Collect urine in a small container.Drip to iodine.If he will spread, then you are not pregnant, and if it remains on the surface, it means that you are in position.
  2. Pour into a container with a morning urine 1 teaspoon of baking soda.If the urine will actively bubbling, then you are waiting for the baby.When a negative result ash settles to the bottom and will prevent any chemical reactions.
  3. Heat container of urine, and then pour into a plastic bottle.If precipitate is present in the form of white flakes, then you are in position.

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