Can I get pregnant with endometriosis ?

Can I get pregnant with endometriosis ?

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Can I get pregnant with endometriosis?

Each woman will sooner or later want to have a baby.But no one is safe from the disease, which may temporarily or permanently close the opportunities for women to become pregnant.Endometriosis - is one of the gynecological problems, which inspires fear of losing this opportunity.It is necessary to understand what is endometriosis, and whether it is possible to get pregnant with endometriosis.

Endometriosis and Pregnancy

In simple words, if a woman is diagnosed with endometriosis, which means that the tissue to be found only inside the uterus begin to grow in other organs.Until now, doctors can not clearly explain the reasons for endometriosis, but suggests that it may be linked to hereditary, hormonal or immune factors.As for the main symptoms, it can be a pain during intercourse, pain during menstruation, very long small bleeding from the genital tract, painful urination and defecation, as well as infertility.Infertility as a symptom, and as a consequence of endometriosis is the place to be.

People write and say, based on my experience that endometriosis may become pregnant.But why as someone says about infertility in endometriosis?Endometriosis is indeed characterized by the inability to meet the egg with the sperm due to the closure of the lumen of the fallopian tubes.He closed due to the formation of adhesions between the organs of the pelvis.It also happens that the egg can not simply attach and capture the fallopian tubes, so perishes under the influence of immune substances.

The ability to get pregnant with endometriosis there!The fact that infertility, and complication as a consequence of endometriosis is not in all women with such disease.There were even cases of pregnancy in advanced endometriosis.And the pregnancy was normal, without any negative consequences.

How to get pregnant with endometriosis, while if attempts were unsuccessful.If the treatment of endometriosis is more than a year, and you can not get pregnant, they usually offer in vitro fertilization.Such a procedure is crossed woman's egg and sperm outside the woman's body man.As a result, the embryo is formed, and it is necessary to plant in the woman's uterus.

Those who became pregnant after endometriosis, may bear a child calmly.And pregnancy itself will positively influence the course of endometriosis, if he is still there.During pregnancy, there is no menstruation, and this affects the reduction in the growth rate of endometriosis and can even lead to the disappearance of the disease.

So I get pregnant with endometriosis possible?Yes, under certain conditions, such a possibility exists.